What’s On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist?

  • Spring Cleaning Checklist

At this year’s Groundhog Day ceremony, Punxsutawney Phil apparently did not see his shadow.

According to legend, this means spring will come early this year. For many of us, this sounds like great news! But even with the prospect of longer, sun-filled days and beautiful tulips in bloom, some aspects of this time of year can feel stressful — like the the major task of spring cleaning that now lies ahead.

Even if most of your stuff has been relatively clean and organized (or, you know, at least gives the impression of being tidy), spring is the time when you may start to really notice all of the junk hanging out in your closets and drawers. And you may just find your eyes drawn to those small piles of dirt that have been, well, piling up in your corners and under your furniture. And, well, could your surfaces really have this much grime and dust on them?

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you notice all the little spring cleaning tasks you have to do. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to help make starting your spring cleaning checklist feel as nice and smooth as a warm spring breeze. As you begin to tackle your seasonal “to-do” list, here are a few steps that may make things easier, so you can get that spring cleaning done, and move on to spring fun.

1.) Sit Down and Strategize

Taking on a major task like spring cleaning can feel overwhelming! Trust us, we understand this better than most.

One trick you can use to make things easier on yourself? Before you start vacuuming carpets and dusting shelves, carefully consider your approach to the spring cleaning process.

There are different strategies you can use! For instance, you could start your process by assessing each room you need to go through, and then breaking down categories within those rooms. So, for instance, in the kitchen, you could focus on subcategories like cleaning the fridge, cleaning the trash can, and deep cleaning inside and around your cabinets. Another approach? Work by order of importance. Take some time to think of all the spaces you want to tackle (and those parts of the house that definitely need special attention), and then list your top priorities. Start with the big stuff, and the little stuff will feel like an absolute cinch!

2.) Declutter First

You wouldn’t want to go for a nice spring jog if there were a ton of obstacles in your way, would you? The same goes for your spring cleaning. Before you grab your duster and slap on your rubber gloves, do yourself a favor and get rid of all the clutter and unwanted stuff that is blocking your path to a clean home.

When you decide to declutter, it may help to work by category, so you can keep things organized and easy to identify. So, for example, you can start with the overarching category (say, clothes) and then to subcategories (like focusing on shirts and tops when working with clothing, then coats and winter accessories). When working in your home office, you could clean out papers and notebooks first to assess the big stuff, and then move on to smaller items like pens and other desk accessories This will help streamline your process, and help you avoid ditching something you may want to keep. And to add one more layer? Don’t forget to divide your clutter by “toss,” “recycle,” “sell,” and “donate” piles! Spring cleaning is about renewal — not waste!

3.) Do a Clean Sweep

After you go through and streamline your space, now it’s the right time to think about truly getting down and dirty — to make things, well, clean!  

A few tricks for making your spring deep cleaning a breeze? For one thing, be sure to move through each room from top to bottom, dusting corners, high shelves and fan blades, then window sills and blinds, and then furniture, counters, and the floor. Always work from top to bottom, so any dust or debris you knock from a high place, you can get later when you tackle your floors and lower surfaces.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to tackle those areas you normally let slide. You know what we’re talking about: The hard-to-reach areas, such as the far corners, crown molding, and spaces behind and under furniture. Don’t forget to wash your windows — you’d be surprised how much gunk gets on the glass, the window sill, and the blinds, which most of us just take for granted.

Finally, go for the floors. Sweep and/or mop your floors, and take time to clean your furniture, including vacuuming your fabrics and polishing your wooden and metallic furniture pieces.

4.) Enjoy Those Finishing Touches

After all the sweeping and dusting on your list, now you have a freshened space, and you can approach your decor with a fresh eye! Think about making some design switches you’ve been dreaming about – like, say, decorating your coffee table with a few simple items that feel refreshing and stylish?

Celebrate your newly cleaned and organized space by adding some flourishes that take things to the next level. You could create a sweet smell by putting fresh lemons in a beautiful bowl, spraying the room with a sweet-smelling essential oil, purchasing a diffuser, lighting up some sage — whatever lets you enjoy your renewed space with a clear mind and a full heart!

And since you’ve gotten rid of a slew of items that don’t spark joy for you, buy a few special things that really bring that spark, like a new plant or quality candle. Hey, you’ve earned it – and the benefits could actually be pretty enormous, come summer, fall, and winter. Speaking of which…

5.) Don’t “Fall” Behind!

After going through the entire spring clean, take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come, and what you truly envision for your space moving forward. Spring is one of the big times of the year calling for regeneration and renewal, so it’s important to hold on to that fresh perspective, even when the weather takes a turn again.

In other words? Don’t forget to keep up your clean home checklist, even after that motivational spring burst fades away.  

It’s always a good idea to bust out a thorough clean from time to time, to get all those nooks and crannies. Take what you learned through your spring cleaning process with you, and keep up with a regular cleaning routine so you can keep all your hard work intact, and enjoy a clean, welcoming home, all year long.

6.) Hire a Pro to Help You Out

When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s important to be realistic about what you can tackle on your own, and what you should turn over to an experienced professional cleaning service.

Even though you may love the DIY route, consulting a cleaning professional can help you save time, and do the most possible good for your space. A little help could go a long way, leaving you with a refreshed and clean home – without you having to lift a finger!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who dread spring cleaning, Sweeping Dimensions would love to help make things quicker, easier, and all-around better!

Our professional home services take away all the stress that may arise from dealing with spring cleaning and leave you to enjoy all spring has to offer.  With a professionally trained and uniformed staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. Whether you need a regular routine house cleaning or prefer a deep, thorough clean, Sweeping Dimensions is here for you – winter, spring, summer, or fall.

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