Keeping Your Life Organized When You’re Off On an Adventure

  • Keeping home clean and organized while you travel

Take a moment: close your eyes, sit very still, and think about your dream getaway adventure. What does it look like?

Are you laying out in the hot sun with a favorite read? Spending time with friends and family you don’t normally get to see? How about backpacking through Europe via train?

Your perfect trip is out there — and this may be the year you finally take it. Travel trends for 2019 show all new kinds of adventures for families, couples, and solo travelers.

We know you’re busy — and probably stressed. With work, family, and other obligations, you deserve some time off. And when you have a busy life, getting away for an adventure is not only fun, it’s essential. Scientists have shown that taking vacation time can help reduce stress, improve your health, and even help you live a longer life.

With that said, there’s the other not-so-fun part of leaving your home and life while you go away. Leaving everything behind when you head out the door can cause a backlog of chores to pile up. Maybe you’re good about keeping up with daily tasks and general organization while you’re home — but taking an extended trip may derail your good habits.

So, what’s the plan for your next trip? Let Sweeping Dimensions help you out!

We’re here to help you keep your life, and all the wonderful things in it, in order, so you can savor the warm air (or cool breeze!) wherever you’re adventuring to. Here are a few ways to keep your household in check while you’re on the road:

Do a Deep Clean Before You Go

Just how there are health benefits of travel, there are also benefits for keeping your space clean and your life organized.

As many studies have shown, having a clean and organized household can help people stay less stressed, more happy, and more productive. Research has also shown that having an organized space can spark creativity and help you sleep better. The best way to keep this energy going in to your vacation? Take on a total deep clean before you hit the road (or sky… or ocean).  

Clean out any clutter you don’t need and get rid of any old stuff you’ve been waiting forever to take to donation.

Then work from top to bottom over your entire space:

  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Dust crown molding, ceiling fans and light fixtures, bookcases, shelves, and anything in between. Bring in help to get those hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Spray down surfaces and crevices collecting dirt. Put away anything that’s been laying around and organize and store neatly.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer and get rid of any perishable items or items soon to expire. Wipe down (or, er, you may need to scrub!) the interior of the fridge and stove top to get rid of any grease and grime.
  • In the bathroom, scrub the toilets, showers, and sinks, cleaning up grime and any residual mold.
  • Vacuum out your car and wipe down all surfaces to get rid of collected dust and debris.
  • Do all laundry and fold and put away anything you’re not taking with you. While you’re at it, launder all bedding and spray all fabrics with fabric freshener to get that super clean feeling you’ll love returning home to.

Put Your Phone to Good Use

Sometimes, it’s easier said than done to put down your phone or laptop when you go on vacation. We know — living in these busy times can make it hard to disconnect from technology. While we definitely encourage staying off your phone, laptop, or tablet, while you’re off on an adventure, we also recognize the reality — that sometimes, there are going to be a few things that need (virtual) tending to while you’re gone.

One way to minimize your tech time when you should be enjoying your relaxing trip?

Before you go, try your best to clean out as much “digital clutter” as you can before you go, to help prevent unwanted interruptions. For example, you might wish to go through your email and unsubscribe to all those annoying subscriptions you never check out. Or you could take some time to tend to all the unanswered messages you’ve been meaning to get to, while going ahead and deleting the old stuff that’s been resolved. You may still receive notifications you need to answer while away, but cleaning out as much digital mess as you can before travel can make dealing with it all less stressful.

Make a “To-Do” List and Check Off Some Big Tasks

One of the most famous lines of the beloved family movie Home Alone is Catherine O’Hara’s iconic line: “KEVIN!” The mother shouts out loud, remembering how the family left their son at home as they’re on their way to Paris.

What makes it so, so funny is the character’s constant nagging that she forgot to do something really important before they left — or if she, god forbid, left the oven on.

Surely we don’t think you’ll ever forget a family member! But being terrified you left on an appliance or forgot to complete a very important task? We’ve all been there!

Before going off on your adventure, sit down and think of all the important things that need to be done before you leave. Write down a list of priorities, with tasks that are the most important first and those that can wait rounding out the bottom of the list. Need to take the cat to the vet? Forgot to replace the air vent filters? Want to finally take out that colossal pile of mail to recycling? Get all those big and little jobs done beforehand, so you can enjoy your time away (and not have a freakout mid-flight).  

Sweeping Dimensions Can Keep Your Adventure Going!

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you only go out to travel once in a blue moon, the very best way to keep your vacation vibes going is to come home to a sparklingly clean and tidy home! That’s where Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service would be happy to come in and help.

Our residential cleaning services are perfect for travelers on the go. We make things easier for those who want things to stay clean and organized while they’re off on an adventure. Our professionally trained and uniformed teams have you covered while you’re away, to make sure that your home is in the best possible condition for when you get back!

We’re always flexible, and we can make sure that our services fit into your active schedule. Offering convenient time windows, hassle-free scheduling, and a wide variety of green, environmentally friendly cleaning tools and products, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful — and give you back time for the most important things in your life.

Ready to relax and keep the good vibes going, in the heart of summer travel season or all year round? Looking for service before, during, or after an upcoming trip? Give us a call!

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ page to keep exploring what sets us apart! Ready to get started? Get in touch today for your free estimate – and then get busy planning for your next amazing adventure!

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