The Busy Family’s Spring Cleaning To-Do List

  • Spring cleaning to-do list for busy families

With warm days and cool nights, spring is the perfect time to enjoy walks around the neighborhood, picnics in the park, and, of course, plenty of delicious meals eaten out on the patio at your favorite local restaurant.

Another wonderful thing about this time of year? It’s spring cleaning season, with plenty of opportunity to open the windows, let in the warm breeze, and really get to work!

According to a recent poll from The American Cleaning Institute, 58% of individuals do their most intense deep clean in the spring. And if there’s one thing that’s always true about a good deep cleaning, it’s that getting your long to-do list done can be a real labor for busy families.

Spring cleaning is fun and productive, but it can also be intimidating, if only for the sheer amount of time involved. Sure, most families keep up with a regular, surface-level clean. But the amount of time it takes to truly dig into all the dust and clutter lurking in the corners and crevices? Well, that’s time that could be better spent hanging out with your family on a special outing, or planning that spring break family vacation.

What can you and your family do to get your annual spring cleaning done faster and more easily? Here, we offer a few ideas to get a to-do list together, so that you can quickly tackle messes, clear out the clutter, and get back to your splendid springtime life!

Go “Big Picture,” Then Focus on the Smaller Details

Before you start diving into your spring cleaning, it’s definitely a good idea to come up with a plan of attack.

Planning ahead and assessing your major priorities first will help make the process more streamlined and easier to schedule.

Start by prioritizing your spring cleaning checklist — and including your family in the process! What are the specific goals you want to accomplish this season? Which tasks should you do now — because you can’t really push them off any further? What do you need to get done, before you can move on to the other cleaning jobs you’d like to get done?

Try focusing on the bigger jobs first, and then work your way down to the smaller ones. For instance, if you and your kids have mountains of clutter or piles of clothes to sort through (and maybe get rid of), tend to those disaster zones first, before you start mopping and spraying surfaces. Or, if your furniture fabrics need cleaning, tend to those large areas before tackling the the nitty gritty stuff like cleaning light fixtures or dusting blinds and ceiling fans.

Work Top to Bottom

When people start tending to their deep cleaning list, it’s easy to make a simple mistake: They clean in the wrong order! If you make this misstep, you might have to clean the same spot over and over, or tend to the area again in just a few weeks.

After clearing out the clutter and getting rid of unwanted stuff, it’s time for you and the family to get to cleaning, focusing on going from top to bottom — literally. Focus on high points in the room, then move on to the lower areas.

Start with the ceiling fans, windows, blinds, and crown molding, then turn your attention to the walls, furniture, and then, finally, the floor or carpet. When cleaning in this way, you’re able to tackle the dust and dirt that can trickle from the top down, ensuring a super clean space — without having to go after the same dust, again and again and again.

Similarly, when vacuuming or mopping a room, always work your way back out of the room to get rid of unwanted dust and scuffs/footprints. Whatever you can do to save time and effort for yourself, the better.

Create Family Goals

Nothing can derail a great spring cleaning than to have all that messiness spring back into action, right after all your hard work. Trust us: We know having a family and trying to maintain a healthy, fun lifestyle with everyone while keeping the house sufficiently clean is a big job.

Fortunately, spring is a chance for renewal and fresh starts. Take this time of renewed energy to sit with your family and assess a plan for how you can keep the house clean and clear of clutter, even after the spring cleaning season has died down. Break down and plan out jobs for everyone, to keep your kids accountable for their own mess and also help contribute to the cleanliness of the house as a whole.

Make sure your list is easy to stick to, and ensure you and family members can tackle the jobs. Come up with a schedule that works for your life. After setting realistic goals, you’ll start crossing off tasks and feeling that fresh spring clean feeling, all year round.

Hire the Professionals!

When it comes to your spring cleaning needs, it’s important to clean as much as you can, but also be realistic about what you can accomplish. Sometimes, the best way to tackle all of your spring cleaning to-do list is to bring an experienced professional cleaning service.

A professional cleaner can help save you plenty of time and effort, giving you back time for the most important things in life.

That’s where Sweeping Dimensions would love to step in and help! Have us help you refresh your whole home, leaving it feeling clean and welcoming for longer – and without you having to lift a finger!

Our professional home services can take away the stress of your spring cleaning, and give you and your family valuable time back to spend together. We’re happy to provide our exceptional services for busy families on the go this spring — whether you need a deep clean, service for your short-term rental, or just routine housekeeping while you’re out and about.

We’re always flexible, and we can make sure that our work fits into your busy spring schedule. Our professionally trained and uniformed teams will bring all of the supplies necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Have any more questions? Ready to really start enjoying all that the springtime has to offer? Get in touch today for your FREE service estimate!

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