How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Like a Spa

  • Tips to make a bathroom at home feel like a spa

After working long weeks and hard days, a trip to the spa — complete with massages, steam baths, and soothing music — is exactly what the doctor ordered. Often, though, you simply don’t have the time to make room for a visit to your favorite spa, and need a quick alternative.

For many of us, taking a long, hot shower or indulging in a relaxing bubble bath is the next best thing. There are so many great tools and tricks to help you unwind at home, like bath bombs that turn bubbly when dropped in the tub. Or what about fresh-smelling, organic body wash, which you can use to get your ideal clean?  

When you’re really longing for that overall spa feel, though, it helps to go the extra mile.

Here are seven ways to help turn your bathroom into a calming and invigorating oasis, so you can feel right at home while skipping the spa.

1.) Start With a Deep Clean

Before you create your ideal spa refuge, it’s important to do a clean sweep of the space, so you can prepare and get everything pristine. Scrub the shower and tub to get out the grime and mildew, clean toilets until they sparkle, wipe down your counters and mirrors with your favorite green cleaning solution, and sweep and wash the floors. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust us — you’ll definitely notice the difference when you’re ready to “hit the spa!”

2.) Try Out a New Showerhead

Experience the feel of a relaxing rainfall with a showerhead that not only feels amazing, but makes your bathroom look amazing, too.  A small switch to this fixture can make an incredible difference. You’d be surprised how fresh and fun your old shower can feel, with just this minor upgrade in place!

3.) Incorporate Candles and Your Favorite Soothing Scents

When you want to relax and unwind from a busy day, drawing a bath and lighting some candles doesn’t just make the space smell amazing, but creates the same sort of beautiful, meditative feel that you’d get from an expensive spa. Invest in candles tailor-made for their spa-like smells and soothing feel. You can also find other ways to make this sacred space smell amazing. Essential oil diffusers are also popular, and can add that ideal spa flair to your bathroom for a wonderfully scented — and chicly decorated — space.

4.) Go Green

What better way to feel soothed than by surrounding yourself with the sights, sounds, and positive vibes of nature? Bring in some greenery like a hanging indoor ivy or a beautiful green plant that’s easy to care for. Succulents are another simple solution — and they look so darn cute, whether in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your bedroom. And many houseplants will not only make your bathroom look like a million bucks, they’ll also detoxify and purify your air, making this space truly refreshing and letting you breathe easier — literally.

5.) Spruce Up the Decor

Want to get the feeling of a wonderful retreat, but don’t want to worry about a full renovation? A few small decor swaps can totally transform your bathroom. You can lighten and freshen up your bathroom space with a few simple decorative changes, from swapping out towels and shower curtains for stylish new designs that feel special and unique, to using wire baskets or storage caddies to display folded towels as if at a professional spa or health club. Hang a wooden bath caddy over the tub to inspire meditative reading while you’re steeped in relaxing bubbles. Top it off with a bamboo bath mat for that perfect spa look. And don’t forget to add all the comforting amenities of a professional spa or hotel: Fluffy towels, amazing slippers, chic lotion dispensers, and hanging robes are a must for that perfect spa day feel.

6.) Try Out Crystals

Okay so we’re not asking you to become a mystic — although these beautiful stones are said to bring calming, protective energy, providing an ideal meditative vibe. Even if crystals feel too hippy-dippy for you, consider them simply for their aesthetic appeal. Many people love the look of purple amethyst or pink rose quartz, which can both be beautiful additions to a space. Their small size also make them a great accent piece in the bathroom, where you’ll want to maximize whatever space you have.

7.) Please Don’t Stop the Music

You’ve dressed up your bathroom with all the essentials, but that extra special touch is always needed. Create the ideal spa aura and atmosphere with your favorite soothing playlist via a hidden, wireless bluetooth speaker for ease and simplicity. Taking in your bath or shower can feel much more soothing and ideal with spa-like tunes (or all the jams from your favorite artists).

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