What to Do When You Need a Deep Cleaning ASAP

During the winter months, sticking with a regular cleaning routine can be tough. The temperatures are cold and pretty much all anyone wants to do is stay cooped up inside, order take out, and watch a favorite TV show. Hey, we don’t blame you!

With that said, being a little more laissez-faire during the winter leads to dust building up in corners, showers gathering mildew, and floors becoming scuffed up and dirty. All of a sudden, you reach that point where a deep clean is needed ASAP.

We know you’re busy, and when you have too much going on in your life, it can be difficult to get to a truly deep clean — the kind where you reach all corners and get into every nook and cranny of your space.

But if you need a super clean house ASAP? It happens — and it helps to have a strategy ready to go.

So, what’s the game plan? One important thing to do is to think about every room of the house and which spaces need the most attention. Often, that means focusing on the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms, and your living spaces.

You may not be able to get to every detail if you need a very clean space in a snap, but do the best you can in each area for an overall deep clean you can see — and feel! Here are a few ways to achieve the feeling of a deep clean, even with a time crunch:

In the Kitchen:

Cleaning To make a big difference in a hurry, first make sure you have the dishes done and put away, and then tend to the tough parts. Clean the floors and wipe down the counters. And then? The most disastrous kitchen messes often come in the microwave, stovetop, and refrigerator. Gear up with a pair of rubber gloves and put some elbow grease into the actual grease. For the stovetop and microwave, clean out dirty areas with warm water and soap or your favorite cleaner. Be sure to take out all shelves and pot grates to get in those hard-to-reach places. Next, you may want to turn your attention to your fridge. After you take out all items in the fridge and deep clean inside, take the time to discard any outdated food and organize all remaining items in a neat and tidy manner.

In the Bedroom:

One quick way to make your bedroom feel fresh is to deal with the dust. Get out your favorite dust collector, whether it’s a microfiber cloth or a lambswool duster, and tend to the places you may not even realize have been collecting dust and dirt. Dust behind furniture, on vanity tables and dressers, on ceiling fan blades, window blinds, and anywhere else that may have gotten dusty. After dusting, do a clean sweep with the vacuum, including breaking out your different attachments to get into crevices and tackle your bedroom furniture. If you have time, try washing your bedding — in a pinch, a spray of fabric freshener may have a big impact, too.

In the Bathroom:

To get things really cleaned, you’ll want to focus on beating back scum and mildew. Get in your shower or tub and use a scrubbing tool to get in all the nooks and crannies. Before this, remove shower caddies, soap dishes, soap dispensers, anything that may be in the way and spray down with a bathroom cleaner. Take to the creases with a small brush (yes, an actual toothbrush will do!) to clean up all the soap scum and make things feel extra clean. To finish, wash the floors and wipe down counters and mirrors for a squeaky-clean feel. Don’t forget to clean and scrub the toilet!

Cleaning bathroom hardware

Final Touches:

Want to seal the deal on your (speedy) deep cleaning? Be sure to vacuum the floors throughout your home, using attachments to get into those hard-to-reach spaces. Dust all areas, as well — and don’t forget blinds and fans! Finish the floors by mopping for a final fresh feel. Spray all rooms with a sweet-smelling room mist and soak in your deeply cleaned space!

Sweeping Dimensions Can Help Make Things Cleaner Than Ever — ASAP

In need of some extra professional help to make your space super clean? When life gets in the way of the home of your dreams, we can step in to help get your space as deeply cleaned as possible, as quickly as possible.

Here at SDCS, our mission is to help you keep your house clean and tidy, and give you back time for the most important things in your life. We’re available for deep cleanings and routine housekeeping — whatever it takes to make sure your space is clean when you really need it.

Our teams of professionally trained and uniformed cleaners offer flexible time windows, and can bring all of the cleaning products necessary to clean your home, with an emphasis on green, environmentally friendly materials.

When you need your space to feel extra fresh, we can help take some of the pressure off, giving you back time to focus on what matters most. Have any questions? Ready to get started? Drop us a line today for your free cleaning estimate.

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