Getting the Spare Room Ready for Houseguests

  • Getting the guest room ready for company

When you have friends or family coming to stay with you at your home, preparing for their visit can be stressful. It’s easy for things to start to feel hectic and disorganized.

Whether your home has a designated guest room, or a more multi-purpose space that you turn into a guest space when you need it, getting this area ready for company requires more than just a change of sheets.

Ready to save time, and wow your next group of houseguests? Here are several of our favorite to get a guest room or spare room prepped and ready for incoming houseguests.

Remove Clutter

Before focusing on specific areas of your spare room to clean or tidy, going through excess clutter is an absolute must. After all, so many of us use this bonus room for storage; when guests are coming, you’ve got to make sure it’s a bedroom first and foremost.

Before guests arrive, be sure to declutter this space as much as you can. Removing old magazines or stray papers that might be lying around on a nightstand or desk, for example, will help to create a sense of calm in the room, and can help to make the space feel like home for your guests. Make sure the floor space is clear and clean. Generally, just ditch all of the clutter you can, so this room is welcoming, inviting, and fully ready to use. And that includes…

Clear Out the Closet and Dresser

Your guests probably understand that your spare room may serve as supplemental storage for your home – but don’t forget, they’ll also greatly appreciate having plenty of space to stash their own clothes and other personal items during their stay.

Before your guests arrive, be sure to clean out at least one or two drawers, or more, depending on the length of time your guests are expected to stay. Having plenty of open space for storage will help your guests to feel comfortable in your space. Unpacking helps people feel more at home, and taking some time to have an empty closet and a clear dresser shows how much you care, and how much you value your guests’ needs.

And don’t forget to leave plenty of room in the closet! Add empty hangers, so your guests have somewhere to hang their clothes. Your guests might appreciate having access to a spare iron and ironing board, which you can place in the closet for their convenience.

Vacuum, Dust, and Clean Windows

And don’t forget – with “spare room” clutter comes plenty of dust and grime. As you clear out or organize your spare room for company, you may stir up dust and dirt, or expose spots that are in deep need of a good cleaning. To get this room ready, hit the cleaning “trifecta:”

  1. Vacuum & Clean the Floor. Vacuum the floor to get rid of any dust or debris on the carpet or rugs. If you have hardwoods or tile in the spare room, be sure to clean these surfaces, as well, using a broom, dry mop, or your favorite cleaning method.
  2. Dust. Make sure your guest bedroom is totally free of pesky, allergy-inducing dust! Before your guests arrive, be sure to dust the exposed surfaces throughout the room. This includes cleaning the furniture, such as the the bedside table and dresser, as well as other, less obvious spots around the room – ceiling fans, the tops of bureaus, baseboards, blinds, etc.
  3. Clean Windows & Mirrors. Let the light shine in! Clean the room’s windows for a bright, streak-free shine. You may want to clean and polish any mirrors or other glass surfaces in the bedroom, as well. A little bit of polish can go a long way toward making your room feel brigher and better.

Clean and Replace Towels, Bedding, and Linens

Whether you’re in your own home or another person’s, when you’re ready to take a shower and realize there aren’t any towels, things can get pretty awkward.

To avoid any linen mishaps, make sure you stock up on enough towels for the number of guests you’ll have staying with you. Have a few extra on hand and ready to go, too – you never know when you might need to bust out the towel reserves.

Make sure that your guest’s bath towels are cleaned and ready to go, and be prepared to do a load of towels, depending on how long your guests are staying. Remember that hand towels and washcloths should be washed frequently; fresh towels are a must when you have company coming over to stay.

And what about the bed sheets? If your houseguests are staying for longer than one week, you’ll want to give the sheets at least one wash towards the end of their stay. The Spruce recommends washing sheets at least once a week. And before your guests come to stay, fresh bedding is an absolute essential. Wash or swap out the bedding, including pillowcases, before your guests arrive. Consider having a basket of extra blankets, pillows, and throws ready to go, to make sure your guests can hit the hay in total comfort at night.

Remember That Love Is in the Details (Small and Large)

Make sure you provide a selection books and magazines for your guests. Having a few current magazines displayed is a very professional, hotel-like touch that your visitors are sure to appreciate.

Beyond having some light reading, make sure you take care of your guest’s digital needs. Take care to ensure there’s a power strip or a multi-charger in the room for your guests to use, especially if there are only one or two outlets. Each family member or friend will likely have their own devices, so ample opportunity for charging will be highly valued.

And remember that these are your friends and family coming to stay! Treat your guests the way you’d like to be treated. If you can, lay out extra fluffy towels. Have beautiful, scented candles ready to use. Hang up fluffy robes and slippers. Make sure there are tissues, lotions, soaps, and shampoo ready to use. Add floral arrangements, or a thoughtful welcoming card. Add a night light, to illuminate the route to the bathroom overnight. The possibilities are endless!

Extend Your Hospitality Beyond the Spare Room

Outside of the guest bedroom, you’ll want to make sure that other spaces in your home that your guests will be using are also clean and tidy. Make sure  that the bathroom and common spaces, like the living or family room, are picked up and functional. Clear floors are a must; your guest should be able to walk around the whole house without fear of tripping or slipping. If your guest room has a sitting area, make sure it’s open, clear, and ready to use.

Need Help Getting Ready for Company?

Getting your home ready for guests can be a lot to take on – but you don’t have to do it alone!

At Sweeping Dimensions, we can help sweat the small stuff, so you can focus your energy on what matters most – relaxing and spending quality time with your family.

With Sweeping Dimensions’ professionally trained and uniformed teams ready to step in, you (and your guests) will be able to rest easy. All of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs, and we bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning solutions.

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ page or follow our team on social media to discover what sets us apart!

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