How Dust and Dirt Can Cause Weight Gain (Really)

  • How dust and dirt can cause weight gain

Feeling too cozy to clean this winter? If you’re in need of some motivation to finally tackle the dirt and dust in your home, getting this news might be the final push you need.

Did you know putting off dusting and cleaning your floors, among other tasks, can lead to actual harmful health consequences – including weight gain?

It’s true! Excess dust and dirt in homes is not only unpleasant to look at, it can also lead to unwanted weight gain, and other negative health effects.

Dust, Dirt and… Obesogens?

According to researchers at the Universities of Aveiro and Beira Interior in Portugal, “preventing obesogens accumulating in the house by frequently sweeping and dusting could stop us gaining weight.” (We added the emphasis there.)

So now, you might be wondering what obesogens actually are. According to an article by the Guardian, “obesogens” are common particles “found in our packaging, household goods and furnishings.” These everyday molecules “might affect our hormones and the buildup of fat in the body.”

Of course, poor diet and not enough exercise are the main causes of weight gain. However, obesogens can add fuel to the fire, in their own way, according to research.

It’s right there in black and white: “Household dust contains compounds that make can fat cells grow,” says the NY Post, based on a study published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science & Technology journal.

These compounds can cause normal cells to develop into fat cells, which then divide and multiply.

These oft-unnoticed weight gain culprits are a big reason why researchers are concerned that uncleaned dust and dirt can eventually lead to weight gain.

But that’s not all. The effects can also be psychological, as well. Spending a lot of time in a messy, disorganized living space can cause homeowners to actually shirk on other important responsibilities – including eating healthfully and sticking to their fitness goals.

In fact, get this: In one controlled study, women who spent time in a kitchen that could be categorized as “chaotic” or “disorderly” ate significantly worse than women who spent time in a kitchen that was clean and immaculate. In fact, the people in the “messy” kitchen tended to eat an extra 70 calories in one sitting, compared to those who were placed in a more “put-together” space. How’s that for motivation to keep things clean and orderly?

The Harmful Effects of Dust and Dirt

To make matters worse, prolonged exposure to dust, dirt, and particles that can contain allergens can have other harmful effects, as well – some of which may actually contribute to weight gain.

For example, being exposed to too many airborne pollutants over time can eventually weaken your immune system, causing your body to be unable to repel unwanted illnesses. So, over time, you get more sick, more often. And when you get sick, working out and eating balanced meals can be nearly impossible, leading to a whole bevy of additional negative effects, including, possibly, weight gain.

You may see some surface-level hazards, as well. When you avoid cleaning your sheets or other fabrics that see high exposure to skin, other not-so-fun side effects may occur, such as “exacerbating eczema, seasonal allergies, skin irritations, and more,” according to a report from Reader’s Digest.

How Can You Avoid Dust-Induced Weight Gain, and Other Harmful Health Effects?

Keeping a regular vacuuming and dusting schedule is necessary to avoid the harmful effects of dirt and the other pesky particles that might be laying around on surfaces throughout your home. On top of eating well and exercising, staying on top of dust and dirt could be one way to keep your wellness regimen on track, in the New Year and beyond.

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