How to Clean Around Antique or Restored Furniture

  • How to clean around antique or restored furniture

With so many modern-style spaces with sleek finishes, brand new furniture, and shiny appliances, we understand the desire for something with a little more charm.

You want to have a clean and inviting look to your space, but not something cookie-cutter and uniform. Enter antique or restored furniture and design pieces!

Perhaps a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation, perhaps purchased rehabbed or updated from an estate sale or vintage shop, retro furnishings can carry all the desired warmth you’re looking for — while also providing that special something that can really help your home stand out at a dinner party.

What can you do to keep your space looking tidy and fresh, and ensure that your character pieces stand out in the best way possible? Here are a few ideas to help you always spotlight your vintage finds and precious family heirlooms in the best possible light:

Know What You’re Dealing With

Before you bust out the mop or microfiber cloth, be sure to get a lay of the land.

Keeping your delicate antiques in tip-top shape while ensuring the surrounding spaces are clean may require a little bit of special attention and affection. What pieces are you going to have to be particularly careful with? What are the materials, and how antique is antique?

Older or restored furniture ages differently depending on the environment it grew up in and the history behind it. Before you start a cleaning regimen, you’ll want to asses the kinds of materials used for the piece, and try to keep the original finish intact.

Also, make sure to check out any other aspects of the antiques that require attention and care care. Are there bits and baubles that could fall off? Precious finishes like leather or velvet? In short,  take note of anything that could be negatively impacted by cleaning products or materials, and plan accordingly.

Cleaning and Maintaining

You want to maintain a healthy, clean household, but also don’t want any harsh chemicals or cleaners to cause unnecessary damage to your precious things.

We know this is especially true for those one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are a few “rules of thumb” that can help you keep your show pieces looking clean – while potentially avoiding causing any harm or lasting damage.        

1.) Choose mild or natural cleaners

In wanting to prevent harmful chemicals and cleaners from damaging precious antique materials, it would be wise to invest in mild cleaners or make your own natural agents using gentle, environmentally friendly solutions.  

2.) Be mindful of your materials

For those prized possessions, it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals or coarse cleaning supplies like brooms or scrub brushes with rough bristles. Opt for softer tools, like a dust mop or microfiber cloth, to get even more dirt and grime with more caution and care.

3.) Take note of the space

Take a survey of the area. How difficult will it be to maneuver around those unique pieces? Will you need to get creative or strategic? It’s smart to do this before you whip out a mop and bucket, so you’re not blindsided and end up accidentally spilling on a valued item.

4.) Look into helpful tips for antique cleaning

Learn all you can for how to clean your space and your treasured collectibles so your cleaning routine becomes holistic and complete. The internet is full of handy guidelines for cleaning different types of antiques and valuables.

Let Sweeping Dimensions Guide the Way

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