How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

  • How to clean your hardwood floors

Whether you have a contemporary-style home, or you prefer an antique charmer with a story in its bones, hardwood floors have remained a popular constant in households around Chicago for years and years — and for good reason.

Seemingly every HGTV renovation-centered show features “all new hardwood floors” to replace old (and most likely pungent) carpet. It’s easy to see why hardwood floors remain preferable, with their streamlined, rustic-yet-clean look and smooth feel.

And hardwoods make for an excellent blank canvas; a good wood base allows for design choices to your liking, ranging from simplistic and minimal touches to modern and eclectic flair.

Most important to keeping the character and and charm in your floors is to have a fool-proof cleaning method. Here’s what to know!

Preventative Care

Keeping floors clean and tidy is obviously of chief importance, and there are a few things to keep in mind to lay the right foundation before grabbing a mop.

The first step to putting your best hardwood foot forward is to prevent scuffs and marks that can mar the wood and affect the overall look of your floors. It’s a smart move to invest in furniture pads, which can help pieces glide easily across floors without leaving nasty scratches.

Also making a habit of removing your shoes before entering or leaving them in a safe place in the mud room can help prevent scuffs, as well as helping you stop unwanted dirt and debris from coming in from the outside.

Having rugs in high-traffic areas of the house and doormats at the entrances can also ensure that less mess comes in. It can maybe feel like a bit of a pain but trust us — taking these steps can help save some major cleaning energy!


Before washing and mopping floors, you’ll want to vacuum or dust mop to rid your floors of all debris and dust. But do remember that it’s probably going to be important to bring in the suds and get things wet — simply dusting or vacuuming won’t always rid your floors of the dirt and settled dust that have built up over time. In other words? You’re gonna have to get down n’ dirty if you want your floors to really shine.

Cleaning Time

There are a variety of commercial wood cleaners out there that are made specifically for cleaning hardwood floors, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap and Bona hardwood cleaner. Just be sure to follow the product instructions before applying to your floors for the proper amount of liquid, and to make sure you’re using the solution properly.

Interested in more of a more homemade approach? Here are a few natural concoctions your grandmother would probably swear by:

  • Dish detergent, water, and vinegar
  • Lemon juice, olive oil, and hot water
  • Vinegar and vegetable oil
  • Water and vinegar

Regardless of what product or solution you decide to use, for damp floor mopping your process should follow a consistent routine.

With a bucket of warm water and your cleaning solution, saturate your mop in the cleaner, then wring it out thoroughly so the mop is damp, but not wet. Then mop in an “S” shape across the floor, to help ensure enough cleaner to cover all angles. Be sure not to cover with too much cleaner, but just enough to sufficiently clean the space. Rinse the mop out with clean water, wring out excess, then repeat.

After mopping, also be sure to wipe the floors with a clean, dry towel. This is important! Standing water can damage the wood floors. Make sure you don’t oversaturate your floors with water or cleanser at any point.

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