How a Clean Home Can Help You Tackle Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Here at Sweeping Dimensions, we’re constantly making lists – so you better believe we’re always quick to jot down our New Year’s resolutions!

This time of year makes for a great chance to look forward to the future, and to create a plan for making positive things happen in the months ahead. Are you planning on making any New Year’s resolutions this year – and if so, what’s on your list?

Statistics say that, if you’re reading this, you’re probably planning to make at least one resolution come January 1st. In fact, Forbes estimates that more than 40 percent of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions.

Some of the top resolutions? Well, you can probably predict those. Odds are, you’ve probably thought of one or two of them yourself over the years! According to a poll reported by Statista, the most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2018 were to:

  • Eat healthier
  • Get more exercise
  • Focus on self-care (like getting more sleep)
  • Make new friends
  • Learning a new hobby

Those are some great goals! But, now for the part you most likely knew was coming – especially if you’ve tried and failed to make New Year’s resolutions stick in the past. (Hey, we can relate.)

According to estimates, only about 8 or 9 percent of people who make resolutions will achieve them within a year. Even worse? According to reports, about 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail as early as February.

Now, this isn’t too surprising! When people make resolutions, they often start by making lofty promises, which can be hard to reach. Plus, there’s the matter of timing. So often, life just gets in the way of sticking to plans. With so many other things going on – work, school, travel, taking care of the kids – it’s easy to let your resolutions fall away, no matter how much you may actually want them to come true.

If you want 2019 to be the year that you actually stick with and achieve your biggest resolutions, we’ve got one more idea to consider adding to your New Year’s “to-do” list: clean and organize your home.

And we’re not just saying that because we’re biased! No, it’s true – cleaning your home is one of the most powerful things you can do to change your mindset, hit refresh on things, and move into the months ahead fully focused on realizing your biggest hopes and dreams.
In fact, focusing cleaning and organizing can actually help you reach your most common resolutions! Believe it or not, it’s true.

Turning your attention to your home can help you make better progress on your other goals, like:

Losing Weight

Studies have revealed that the look and feel of your living space can actually affect how healthy you are. It’s a well-known fact that cleaner offices host healthier, more effective, and more productive employees. That simple principle applies to your home.

Studies suggest that people who live in homes that can be characterized as “chaotic,” messy, or disorganized are more likely to engage in poorer health behaviors. In contrast, those who live in clean and orderly environments are more likely to be healthier – including eating healthier foods. So, bottom line? A clean home may just mean a  healthier, more productive you, in many different ways.

Exercising More

Is your home gym clean, organized, and ready to use – or is your best workout equipment currently gathering dust (or worse, being used to hang clothes)? Tackling the chore of cleaning your workout equipment or home gym can help set you up for fitness success down the line. After all, the cleaner and more visible your workout equipment, the more likely you are to use it!

Eating Healthier

Studies suggest that being placed into a cleaner and more organized kitchen can actually help inspire you to eat more healthfully. So, being in a clean environment can help you train yourself to eat “cleaner,” as well. And more than that? It all comes down to practicality. If your kitchen and dining room are clean, organized, and ready to be put to work, you’re more likely to use them. After all, it’s easier and more enjoyable to cook in a clean, well-organized kitchen than a messy one. And the more you cook at home, the healthier you’re likely to be. For instance, studies show that people who “meal prep” at home are more likely to eat a healthier diet and experience fewer negative health conditions than those who don’t.

Starting a New Hobby

How many times have you been on the verge of doing something important – only to push it off, thinking “I’ll get to it tomorrow”? It happens to all of us.

One way to adopt a more productive and effective mindset and get things done is to make daily cleaning and organizing a part of your routine. The more structure and discipline you can add to your day, the more likely you’ll be to get things done on schedule. And it doesn’t have to be much! In fact, one simple change with a big impact is to make your bed each day. Research reveals that people who make their beds are more likely to report being happy, exercising regularly, and feeling well-rested, compared to people who don’t.

Practicing Self-Care

What steps are you taking to set yourself up for success? If your home environment is making you feel rundown or sick, then you’re not going to be able to put your best foot forward in life, which can make reaching your resolutions all the more difficult. So, if your home increases your rate of illness, say, this can cause setbacks in other areas of life. For instance, you may get sick and then slack off on your fitness goals as a result. Fortunately, there are all sorts of little steps you can take to make your home work better for you, and set yourself up for a healthier year. Ideas may include dusting more regularly, improving the air quality in your home by cleaning your vents and adding houseplants, and wiping out mold and mildew in your bathroom.

Making New Friends

Looking to expand your social circle in the new year? A clean, orderly home can help! For example, the tidier your house, the more likely you are to invite people over, right? After all, you’ll want to show off your clean, accessible, lovely living spaces! Plus, when you have less last-minute cleaning to get done for guests, it can be easier to bring people over at a moment’s notice, without having to fret about having a messy place.

Sweeping Dimensions Can Help Make Your New Year Bright

Are cleaning and organizing your home high on your list of New Year’s resolutions this year? Are you feeling inspired to go out and take on the world in the year ahead – and want a clean home to match? Ready to hand the cleaning over to the pros, so you can get on with the most important things in your life?

Sweeping Dimensions would be happy to help!

Here at SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful – especially at the start of a brand new year! . All of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs, and we bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

Have any more questions about our story? Check out our FAQ page to keep exploring what sets us apart!

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