How to Make a House Smell Great Between Cleanings

  • Five Steps for a good smelling home between cleanings

There’s nothing like the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, is there? When everything feels pristine and new? It’s almost like you’re seeing – and smelling – your space for the very first time!

But, before too long, life tends to get in the way… The dog comes in from outside, the kids come back from soccer practice, the amateur cook burns dinner. It happens!

Over time, it’s easy for a sweet-smelling house to go back to its old ways. What’s a homeowner to do when ugly, unwanted aromas creep back in? We have some ideas!

Here are five simple steps you can take to help make sure your home smells it’s very best, even between cleanings:

1.) Tackle Stink at the Source

When you can’t seem to find where a particularly nasty smell is coming from, remember that there are a few common places where nasty odors love to hang out.

You’ll want to keep an eye (and a nostril) out for these problem areas – including the trash can and the garbage disposal.

When it comes to your trash can, you’ll want to make sure that you regularly take out garbage, which can start to smell in just a matter of hours, depending on what’s inside. Every so often, you’ll also want to clean the inside and outside of the trash receptacle itself, using water, a brush, and your favorite disinfectant.

As for your garbage disposal? This “out of sight” kitchen appliance can get stinky in a hurry. To clean it out, try running a citrus dish soap down your drain, and then running the disposal. To go all natural, try grinding up lemon rinds in the disposal, and then flushing the system with lots of water. Finally, remember the old standby – a little bit of baking soda and lots of warm water.

2.) Light Up Some Candles

Candles are a beautiful, homey decoration that can lots of charm and light to your space. Even better, scented candles can help you replace ugly home odors with just about any smell you’d like!

Even if you don’t light your scented candles, they can help you neutralize unwanted odors all around the home! Be strategic with your candle placement. Think about it carefully – how can you get the most bang for your buck, using what you have on hand? For instance, you may want to keep a candle or two in your living room, where there’s lots of traffic. At the same time, an unlit candle placed in the closet can also help add a lovely, surprising aroma to a space that’s only for you.

If smoke and fire are a worry, you may also want to look into candle warmers, which can run on a timer and gently warm wax to release any candle’s pleasant smell, without the risks of a live flame. 

3.) Add Houseplants to Your Home Décor

Houseplants are all the rage right now, and for good reason! In addition to looking chic and adding life to every room, plants are a great way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean without having to lift a finger.

Indoor plants can help purify the air in your home, while offering fresh, inviting smells of their own. When it comes to finding the right plants to sweeten your space, be sure to think outside the flower. Palms, ferns, desert succulents, geraniums, citrus trees, and herbs can all get the job done, and most can thrive indoors for quite some time.  

Of course, once you bring in a green new addition, you have to make sure you keep it healthy and clean. To get started, check out our guide to cleaning houseplants, available here. 

4.) Make Use of the Kitchen

Your kitchen could be the secret to getting rid of an unwanted aroma! There are a few different tricks you can use to turn your stove and oven into stink-busting superheroes.

For one thing, there’s the old real estate agent standby – baking! Warming up the oven and baking something classic and simple – think cookies, banana bread, or even frozen breakfast pastries – can send a warm and welcoming smell throughout your whole home in no time.

Need another method? Why not try the “simmer” trick?

All you need is a sauce pot, some water, and your favorite aromatics, like fruit, vanilla extract, or warming spices. Simply fill your pot half-full with water and bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and let the water simmer. Add your herbs, spices, fruit, and so on, and let the mixture simmer for as long as it takes to let the smell spread throughout your home!

Be sure to keep an eye on your mixture so it doesn’t bubble over or burn, and remember that you may need to add water every so often to keep it going. Get creative, and see what scented combinations you love! Lemon and basil? Lavender and vanilla? It’s up to you!

5.) Harness the Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils are useful in so many ways – including help you keep your place smelling wonderful!

There are a few different ways you can start using essential oils to spread your favorite scent throughout your entire home. For example, you can make up an easy DIY spritzer, using a spray bottle, water, and your favorite combination of essential oils.

You can also strategically space oils around your home, like you would with candles, using nebulizers and reed diffusers to help slowly fill a room with your favorite oil’s incredible, all-natural aroma.

We’re Here to Help!

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