4 Ways to Stop Snow and Salt from Getting Everywhere

  • Cleaning up snow, salt, and ice in the winter

Everybody loves the idea of “walkin’ in a winter wonderland,” right? Well, that is, until it’s time to go inside, and your heavy snow boots track icy slush, grime, and sidewalk salt all over your beautiful floors!

Cleaning up snow, salt, and ice is one of those winter hassles that it’s easy forget, until the season rolls around again. Before winter settles in, your thoughts are all hot chocolate, roaring fires, and sledding in the park.

But in the middle of things, it’s a lot more getting down on your hands and knees, wiping up messes and trying not to be mad at the kids and the dog for getting snow everywhere. Even worse? Chemical salt agents can actually hurt your and your pets’ feet, while also causing damage to your carpets and hardwoods.

You deserve an easy, cozy, simple winter! One of the easiest ways to do that is to find a way to keep all that dreaded salt, snow, and slush from making its way indoors. Here are four easy methods to try this season:

1.) Use Mats, Inside and Out

During the winter months, be sure to set out door mats in front of your door, and immediately inside. If you have kids or a dog (or a particularly messy adult – no judgment), you may want to spread a few different track mats around inside, to cover as much space as possible. You can also leverage old towels or blankets for this.

Just do whatever it takes to create a “landing area,” so people can wipe off their feet as much as possible, and, hopefully, take off their boots or shoes before moving further inside. If possible, try to let your carpeted rugs or fabric door mats dry somewhere other than the floor. If left out too long, they could start to create mold and mildew within the flooring below.

2.) Use an Alternative Entrance

Is there a backdoor to your house that you never use? In the winter, it might be a good idea to consider alternative ways in and out of your home. For instance, if you have a side door that opens up into a tiled kitchen, versus a front door that opens up into a carpeted living room, you may make things much easier on yourself by directing traffic to the side. Tile is much more resilient to salt, and much easier to clean, than hardwoods or carpet.

Similarly, if you have a garage or a sunroom, these can be great staging areas. Have family and visitors stop briefly in this space to take off their shoes and their wettest winter accessories, before coming inside. This can help you keep the excess mess and moisture to a minimum.

3.) Have a Spot for Salty Shoes

You may want to consider investing in a boot rack or shoe holder. In a pinch, any plastic or waterproof container that is large enough to hold multiple sets of winter boots will do. Just make sure you place the boot bin immediately inside the door, so that it’s easy for everyone to immediately drop off their snowy, icy footwear before moving further into the house. Every so often, you may want to use a damp cloth or a boot brush to wipe down shoes, to make sure that they’re clean and ready to go before the next excursion out in the snow.

4.) Have a Cleaning Plan in Place

Like it or not, wintry messes will happen – no matter how vigilant you may be. When it’s time to clean up the aftereffects of a snow or ice storm that somehow managed to find its way inside, make sure you have a plan, and the right equipment, in place.

To help remove chemical salt, and the moisture that comes with it, a vacuum cleaner may be your best method. This will allow you to suck up the crystals, rather than pushing them around. If you vacuum or dry mop (aka “swiffer”) them instead, you may just end up applying pressure which damages your more delicate flooring. A wet cloth can also help you to protect your hard surfaces.

It’s also important to have the right kind of cleaning agents on hand. During the winter months, be sure that you’re stocked with the right floor cleaner for the materials in your home. Your favorite wood cleanser and tile cleaner can help you spot treat potential messes, in between deeper cleanings. Regularly wash your track mats and area rugs. And, after the worst of the winter is over, it may be worth considering scheduling a time for your annual deep carpet cleaning.

Ready to Call in the Experts?

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