Should You Clean After Someone Gets Sick?

  • Cleaning after someone gets sick

What do you do when your holiday season goes from “aw, yeah,” to “ah-choo”?!

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from colds and flu symptoms when the weather turns colder. At this time of year, it’s important to think about what you can do to avoid getting sick, how you should best take care of someone in your household who’s come down with a bug, and what you should do after the illness, to make sure everything gets back on track without a hitch.

One of the most important things you can do? Turn your attention on cleaning your home.

During cold and flu season it’s important to limit the chance of cold and flu viruses from reaching your home by cleaning frequently and strategically. Regularly sanitizing and taking routine steps to keep your surfaces clear, clean, and germ-free can help make things easier on everyone.

But what about in the aftermath? Once someone comes home from work or school and brings a seasonal bug with them?

When someone in your home does get sick, you might be wondering what approach might work best or if cleaning is truly necessary. The quick answer is: yes.

Cleaning your home after someone gets sick is an incredibly important job, which could help others in the house avoid getting the same sniffles and sneezes – or worse. To make the most of your time and energy, remember that there are are certain areas of your home that should be at the top of your cleaning list.

To rid your home of pesky, lingering germs, here’s a room-by-room look at some of the best ways possible to move past an illness that’s invaded your home.

Quick Tip: Waiting until the very end of a sickness to past to begin cleaning can be overwhelming. Take these suggestions one step at a time to avoid feeling overburdened by your lengthy to-do list, and make sure you can keep focusing on whoever may need some extra care, attention, and chicken soup.


While this may seem like an obvious one, the bedroom definitely deserves additional attention when cleaning up after an illness. After someone gets sick, be sure to wash and/or change their sheets.

Wipe down surfaces in the room that may be covered in germs, including some spots you may normally overlook, such as door handles. Be sure to take out the trash in this room, as well.


Look, we’ll keep this brief – after all, no one wants to talk about what happens in the bathroom when someone gets the flu.

Without going too much into the very real but often graphic details, the bathroom can be one of spaces that someone may use the most when they find themselves under the weather. Once the peak of the illness has died down, be sure to target the bathroom for a thorough cleaning. That includes the toilet and the floors, but also less obvious bathroom surfaces, such as door handles, the sink faucet, and the medicine cabinet. Be sure to change out towels and take out the trash from this room.

Quick Tip: It’s a common saying that you should immediately throw away and replace your toothbrush after you get sick. But is this really necessary? Health experts say that while your toothbrush may not pose a threat to the patient, it could spread infection to others in the house. So, as one certified dental hygienist told the Cleveland Clinic: “My general recommendation is to replace your toothbrush. It’s an easy fix to make sure lingering bacteria doesn’t get passed on to family members. This makes a lot more sense than trying to clean your toothbrush by boiling it or by using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.”

Living Area

When someone in your home has a cold or the flu, it’s only natural for them to want to camp out in the living room, where they can lie down, but still stay in contact with the rest of the family. You can’t quarantine someone to their bedroom forever!

In order to make sure your den, family room, or other common areas stay clean, be sure to sanitize all of the surfaces during and after an illness. This includes tabletops, the TV remote, toys and games, light switches, and door knobs. Vacuum and clean the floors, and be sure to take care of your upholstery. Laying down a washable sheet over the sofa could help prevent the spread of germs; after an illness, be sure to wash any sheets, blankets, or pillowcases used by the patient.

You’ll also want to make sure you thoroughly sanitize any plates, cups, water bottles, or silverware used by the sick family member, while also wiping down your kitchen surfaces.

The Car

Even though your car isn’t physically attached to your house, it’s so frequently used that it might as well be, right? After all, you probably drive the family vehicle to work every day. It may be how you get the kids to work or soccer practice. Keeping this space clean may be essential to making sure that nobody else in your household catches the same nasty bug.

After you or a frequent passenger gets ill, take some time to clean the car. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and materials to wipe down the surfaces that see the most contact, including the steering wheel, interior and exterior door handles, seat belt buckles, and the dashboard. A little TLC could make a huge difference for everyone’s health.

If your family includes a young child, don’t forget to wipe down or machine wash the cover of their car seat, to help prevent the little ones from falling ill. The same goes if you have a pet seat or carrier in your car.  

Getting Your Home Back on Track

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