Cleaning for a Cozy Winter

  • Cleaning for a cozy winter

Here in Chicago, winter can mean blustering winds, freezing temperatures, and mounds of sleet and snow. But it can also mean the chance to cozy up next to a roaring fire with a good book and a delicious mug of tea (or maybe even something stronger).

Winter can be a great time to relax, unwind, and get comfy – if you take the right steps ahead of time to get ready!

Here are five foolproof tips to get your home prepared for a cozy, comforting winter:

1.) Do a Deep Clean at the Start of the Season

When the temperatures drop and that dreaded “wintry mix” starts to fall from the sky, you’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors. Whether you’re a total homebody or you’ll be itching to get outside again, you’re going to spend the colder months getting reacquainted with every inch of your home. And we mean every inch.

So, before you get cooped up for the season, it may be worth investing in a deep clean – and that means tackling the spots you don’t always think about. Here’s a list to get you started; you’re bound to think of areas in your home that you should tackle as well:

2.) Clean Your Air Vents

During the winter months, your vents are going to be working extra hard to pump fresh, warm air into your home. Be sure to treat them right!

Be sure to regularly dust or wipe down your air vents, taking care to clear away all dust and debris. This is a very important wintertime job, which you shouldn’t overlook! The cleaner your vents, the easier it will be for air to circulate around your home, and the warmer you’ll feel. Plus, dirty vents can help spread pollutants and allergens – which could cause your or yours to get sick. Cleaning your vents can help you stay warmer and breathe easier – a true win-win.

Some bonus tips? The start of the winter season is also a great time to replace your furnace filter. A clean filter is a great way to make sure that you’re trapping as much dust, mold, and pet dander as possible. On a similar note, you may want to think about adding a few houseplants here and there over the winter. A little greenery can help massively purify the air in your home, helping you stay healthy, all season long.

3.) Have a Plan for Stopping Snow, Salt, and Slush

Does the thought of having to clean snow, ice, and (worst of all) deicing sand and salt from your floors make you say “Bah, humbug!?” If it does, you’re certainly not alone. Keeping the great outdoors outside is an important wintertime task, but it’s often easier said than done. To help prevent the spread of slush and ice, you may wish to:

  • Leave plenty of track mats and door mats inside and outside your front entryway
  • Direct people to enter the garage or a sunroom before coming inside, so they can take off their wet boots and clothes
  • Have a shoe container right inside the door, big enough to accommodate multiple sets of winter boots. Get creative!
  • Have a vacuum and your favorite floor cleaner ready to go, all winter long

4.) Get Ready for Guests

To many people, the winter months mean just one thing… Time to party!

Whatever winter holidays you celebrate, odds are that there will be friends and family stopping by, at some point or another. While everyone’s home is unique, it’s important to take steps to make everyone feel welcome – and to make sure that you’re showcasing your space in the best light!

Here’s a basic list of some easy home cleaning jobs you might want to take on before company arrives:

  • Clean and organize the guest bedroom (if guests are spending the night)
  • Get rid of excess clutter (kids’ toys, winter coats, etc.)
  • Clean the floors
  • Sanitize the bathroom
  • Clean and organize the kitchen
  • Make sure your entryway is clean and welcoming, so that your guests have a great first impression

5.) Decorate!

Now that the big and little cleaning tasks are out of the way, you can focus on the fun part – making sure your home is as cozy, warm, and wonderful as possible! Whatever your favorite part of the winter season, there’s a way to decorate your home to enhance and draw out what you love. Here are a few ideas to get you started making your home feel like an amazing winter retreat:

  • Decorate with your favorite candles or scent diffusers
  • Spread around comfy seasonal pillows and throw blankets
  • Whatever you celebrate, spread out reminders of your favorite winter holiday
  • Leave cozy slippers and bathrobes in strategic spots around your home
  • Have your fireplace cleaned and serviced, so it’s ready to help give you warmth and light
  • Switch out your usual coffee mugs and dinner plates for seasonally themed kitchenware
  • Think of fun winter arts and crafts you can take on with friends and family

We’re sure you’ll think of countless more ideas! The most important thing to remember is that it’s your winter, and your home – so spend it how you want to!

Looking for Help?

Whether your winter plans involve a deep cleaning, regular housekeeping, or even one-time service before or after a celebration, Sweeping Dimensions is here and ready to help!

Here at SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful.

With a professionally trained staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. Our professional home cleaning services can take away the stress of keeping your house clean, and give you back time for the most important things in your life.

Ready to get started really enjoying the winter? Get in touch today for your free estimate!

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