How to Clean Your Stovetop

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Nothing impresses a guest at a dinner party more than watching you, the remarkably skilled host, stand before your stovetop, flipping, sauteing, and managing all of your pots and pans with ease.

Of course, nothing turns off a dinner guest more than walking into your kitchen and seeing a stovetop caked in crusty grease, leftover food, and years’ worth of burn marks. No amount of skill is going to make up for that one!

Fortunately, cleaning your stovetop doesn’t have to be a major chore, no matter what type of range you have.

If getting this important kitchen area clean is one of your burning desires, here’s what to do, whether you have a glass-top or a standard gas range:

Glass Cooktop

Glass stovetops, which cook food on sleek, minimalist burners powered by electrical heat, are often found in very modern kitchens. These cooking ranges heat up and cool down extremely quickly, without having to use a live flame; some convection cooktops can even heat food in a pan, while the “burner” stays cool to the touch! How’s that for food science?

Even better, these smooth, flat surfaces are fairly straightforward to clean.

1.) Spot treat everyday messes. Whenever you spill on your glass stovetop, be sure to spot treat the surface as quickly as you can. If you act quickly, you can often wipe up food and grease before they have the chance to burn up and become crusty stains.

2.) Always make sure the range is fully cool before you clean! This is true for everyday spot treatments and deep cleans. Spot cleaning should be done when you’re done cooking; a deeper clean could be a weekly or bi-weekly step, depending on your level of activity in the kitchen.

3.) Use gentle tools and cleaning solutions. For stains on a glass cooktop, all you’ll generally need is your favorite light cleaning solution – dishwashing liquid, vinegar and water, a multi-surface cleanser like Bon Ami, or a combination of vinegar and baking soda should do the trick. To clean, spritz the stovetop with the solution, then wipe down with a clean, dry cloth (such as a microfiber towel). Don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease! For especially tough stains, you may need to work in stages – giving your cleaning solution time to settle before you attempt to wipe it away, and then using a second round of cleaning solution and a dry cloth to get off any lingering residue.

Gas Stovetop

Gas ranges come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some belong to antique (OK, ancient) ovens, the kind that your grandmother (and maybe even her grandmother) cooked with. But gas stovetops are also a favorite of choosy home cooks, who appreciate the level control they have with a gas flame. Whether your gas stovetop is a dinosaur or cutting-edge, here’s a surefire recipe for keeping it clean:

1.) Spot clean. After cooking, be sure to spot treat spills or stains before they have the chance to set. Always be sure that the burners and grates are fully cooled before you attempt to clean, or you may burn yourself!

2.) Remove the pieces that you can. Many gas ranges can be taken apart, which makes for easier cleaning. If possible, remove the grate and the knobs of your gas stovetop, to clean separately.

3.) Wipe down the surface. Using a gentle cleaning solution – such as dishwashing liquid and water, diluted vinegar and essential oils, or an all-surface cleanser, such as Bon Ami – wipe down the surface with a clean, lightly wetted sponge or cloth. Be sure not to use too much cleaning solution or water! Once you’ve wiped down the surface and gotten it free of residue, you may want to go over the stovetop one more time with a clean, dry towel, to make sure you have a streak-free shine.

4.) Clean the knobs and grates. Oven knobs can generally soak in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Grates can normally be cleaned in a sink, with a combination of soap and water. You may wish to use a sponge or brush to clean off any particularly hard-to-get residue. Be sure that knobs and grates are fully dry before you carefully reattach them. If possible be sure to read your manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning these pieces, to make sure that they can be detached and cleaned on their own.

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