Protecting Our Environment & Oceans: Wrapping Things Up

Welcome back to our series on what we can all do to help protect our environment – especially our amazing oceans.

This is the final installment in the series… for now, at least!

To wrap up, we wanted to take a look back at some of the topics we’ve covered so far, and share some more helpful, environmentally conscious resources to bookmark for the future.

Looking Back

Over the last few articles, we covered a number of topics. We started out by talking about the amazing experience my family had whale watching, and how that inspired me to start thinking even more seriously about protecting the planet from waste and pollution.

Whale watching

Then, we looked inward, and talked about the steps that Sweeping Dimensions takes to go environmentally friendly – including cutting down on our use of plastics by using more concentrated products, and using more environmentally sound solutions, safe for pets, children, and the planet.

We also took some time to look at what we can all do around the home, or the office, to make a difference. Buying fewer cleaning products, switching from disposable to reusable products (like swapping out paper towels for microfiber and bamboo), and cutting down on energy use can make a huge difference. Really, a lot of the little things can have a massive, beneficial impact over time!

Never doubt this fact… Whatever green, environmentally friendly change you want to make, however small it seems, can really amount to a big, positive step for the planet!

The teams of SDCS are living proof! If you ever want to talk about what you can do to be more sustainable and green, swap cleaning tips, or talk about the benefits of green cleaning for your home or office, let us know! Feel free to reach out over email, or get in touch on social media.

Finding a more sustainable, environmentally sound way to clean has always been part of our mission at Sweeping Dimensions, and we’re always happy to help keep the conversation going in the community.

Where to Go Next

As we researched for these blogs (and, honestly, just for more information, too), the Sweeping Dimensions crew came across a number of resources and sites that were truly helpful. Hopefully, these organizations and pages can help point you in the right direction, whether you’re looking to take action to help the oceans, make small changes around the house, or even just find new facts and figures about sustainability and conservation.

Here are a few to check out:

  • Mission Blue
    Mission Blue is all about inspiring action to help protect and explore the ocean. In addition to hosting lots of helpful guides, news, and updates, this organization is also a great resource for protecting “Hope Spots,” which are “special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart.”
  • Oceana
    Oceana’s mission is to protect and restoring the world’s oceans, through education and direct action campaigns. Oceana is a great resource to check out for more information, particularly if you’re interested in learning about how human influence has affected and changed marine ecosystems over the years.
  • Marine Conservation Institute
    The Marine Conservation Institute has a pretty great slogan: “Saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations.” That’s definitely a worthwhile goal! The Marine Conservation Institute is on the cutting edge of science, using new data and information to identify and advocate for precious ocean ecosystems.
  • High Seas Alliance
    Interested in how people and organizations all over the world are coming together to protect the ocean? The High Seas Alliance brings together various organizations dedicated to protecting the high seas – the “most biologically important, least protected, and most critically threatened ecosystems in the world.”
  • Ocean Conservancy
    Ocean Conservancy is a great destination for those who realize that “the ocean starts with you.” Ocean Conservancy brings together many volunteers, advocates, and organizations to create science-based solutions for many of the problems facing the oceans today, including ocean trash, ocean acidification, and overfishing. Check out their site for its informative blog, insights into ongoing campaigns, and easy steps to help take action.

Thank You for Reading!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short mini-series! If you’re feeling inspired, be sure to let us know what steps you’re going to take to help protect the oceans and marine wildlife.

And be sure to follow along here on the blog and on our Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll continue to share green cleaning tips, environmentally friendly solutions, and behind-the-scenes looks at what we’re up to in the office.

Ready to set up a green cleaning for your Chicago home? Don’t hesitate to reach out for your free estimate!

Thank you so much for reading – we’ll see you down by the ocean!

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