Protecting Our Oceans and Environment: What We Do In the Office

Welcome back to our ongoing series, all about protecting our oceans and environment!

Last time, we put the focus on you, and talked about all the steps that people around Chicago can take at home to eliminate waste, cut down on pollution, and develop more sustainable habits.

In this article, I’d like to talk a little bit more about what we do at Sweeping Dimensions! Because we’re not just “talking the talk” – we’re also walking the walk, and taking big and small steps to make a difference every day.

Regular readers of this blog know that caring for the planet has always been a passion of ours at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service. For example, we have made it a point to offer green, environmentally friendly cleaning products as an option for all of our residential and commercial cleaning clients. We’ve also made it a point to swap out wasteful products for more sustainable options – using bamboo towels in place of paper, or reusable microfiber cloths instead of disposable wipes.

But what about around our own office?

As you may remember, I was originally inspired to begin this series because of a whale watching trip that my family took in New England. Being able to spend some time out on the water and getting to see those majestic creatures in action was an experience I won’t ever forget!

Another thing that will stick with me forever? The long, informative talk that our guide had with us on our way back, all about how the actions people take impact the natural habitats of whales, fish, and other sea life. She really stressed the critical importance of taking care of the oceans, and went into lots of detail about the little steps that individuals could take right now to curb waste.

After that trip, I returned to Chicago with fresh eyes, ready to make sure that Sweeping Dimensions was doing its part to elevate awareness about our amazing oceans. I wanted to make it a personal mission, but also keep it top of mind for the SD staff – and help the message spread into our clients’ homes, as well.

I was determined to answer the question: “As a cleaning company, what impact could Sweeping Dimensions have?”

Part of it was education, and spreading this message to as many people as possible. Part of it was about bringing green, sustainable cleaning solutions into people’s homes and businesses. And still another part of it had to be about turning inward, and making positive changes for Sweeping Dimensions. We had been sustainable – but we needed to make changes to be even better!

With that in mind, we took some steps around the office – some big, some small. I wanted to share some of those ideas and stories with you:

Making Company Events More Sustainable

We love to celebrate holidays here at Sweeping Dimensions! And, in fact, we don’t even really need an official holiday to get the party started.

In fact, we host a regular series of talks, where different SD team member spotlight their cultures, and share traditional food and drinks. It’s always an amazing time, and you can see some of those great events on our Facebook and Instagram.

What can we do to make company parties better? One big step we took was to eliminate plastics. Instead of constantly restocking on one-time-use plastic and paper products, which often just end up creating pollution and waste at the bottom of the ocean, we refocused on always making sure that we had enough reusable products on hand. This includes cups, plates, and silverware. By using fewer plastics, we can make a small step towards making sure that less waste ends up in our precious bodies of water.

Using Reusable Bags and Containers

As a cleaning company, we’re responsible for transporting a lot of different things. For example, we bring all of the supplies needed to clean a home or workplace to the job site.

We also love to stop by lobby events, corporate gatherings, and networking meetings, where we always bring goodies to share, and some presentation items to help make an impact.

We’ve taken steps to help make sure that the products we use are fully recyclable, and have gone “reusable” wherever we can. For instance, instead of using plastic bags – a huge, dangerous source of pollution – our team uses our reusable “swag bags” to carry goods. This is a small change – but over time, it could have a pretty significant effect!

Welcoming a New “Fish Friend” to the Office

In order to remind ourselves of the significance of protecting the oceans, the Sweeping Dimensions team has brought a new team member into the office – a little fish!

For us, this teammate is the unofficial Sweeping Dimensions mascot. SDCS needed a mascot – one that everyone can take care of and help us be healthy parents. We bought our fish from a local Old Town business, and he’s a great reminder of all of the other sea life out there, all of the amazing animals that can be protected from harm if we all do our part and make a difference.

Having a tank in the office is also a great chance for our team to learn new things. We’re experimenting with aquaponics, learning about aquatic animals and their lifespans, and clearing away algae.

Playing Our Part

Now, we’d love to hear from you! What do you do at home or around your office to cut down on waste and protect the environment? We’re passionate about this stuff at Sweeping Dimensions, and we’d love to swap ideas!

Looking for even more inspiration on how you can protect the oceans? There are some great resources available, thanks to organizations like Oceana and Mission Blue.

That’s it for now! Next time, we’ll wrap up this series with a look back on what we’ve covered – and a look ahead to the future.

Thanks for reading!

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