Protecting Our Environment and Our Oceans: Part One

  • Protecting our oceans from plastics and pollution

Recently I traveled to Gloucester, Massachusetts, for a whale watching excursion. To see such beauty is hard to explain on paper – or even over the internet!  

Being out in the ocean on a warm, sunny morning watching whales come up for air – it’s truly an experience you shouldn’t miss. The whole experience felt even more special and important because I got to spend it with my family!

During the trip, the very knowledgeable guide talked to us about different types of whales. I learned a lot of valuable information about their diets, their lifespans, and so on. My family and I even got to see several types of whales in their nature habitat! They were truly majestic and breathtaking.

On our way back to shore, our guide got serious, and we had a long dialogue about not only whales, but about all types of fish, invertebrates, and other sea life. Specifically, we talked about how we, as humans, are hurting the fish of the sea.  In general, we consume too much plastic. We throw way too much garbage into our oceans and lakes, which causes sea creatures to get sick or even die. Over time,plastics in the ocean actually end up decomposing, and fish consume them – which means that these plastics might even end up in our own food supply!

Now, our guide wasn’t preaching, but solely providing us with alternatives, different ways of thinking. She talked a lot about how we can make better decisions, which will lead to us all keeping plastics and garbage out of our precious oceans.

Making a Difference

This trip really resonated with me. Seeing the remarkable whales in their natural habitat, spending time with my family, and really getting a chance to think about the impact that we are all having on our oceans, lakes, and rivers… It affected me deeply.  

As an entrepreneur and homeowner, I felt a need to address some of the ways we conduct business and purchase products, to make sure that Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service is always doing its very best to help our environment.  Whale watching

Our planet is 75% water. Oceans are important – even for Chicago cleaning companies! The cleaning products we use everyday have an impact! So do the amount of plastics that we use.

And while have taken huge strides to be sustainable for some time now, we are working to be even more environmentally conscious – both in the service we provide for our clients, and in our own daily habits around the office!

At SDCS, we have always been focused on making an effort in our community (check out our “History” and “FAQ” pages for more!). Looking to the future, protecting our waterways is going to become even more important than ever.

As we’re based in Chicago, we can do our part to help protect the Chicago River and beautiful Lake Michigan, while also taking steps to make sure that we reduce waste and keep things out of the ocean.

And we can educate our team, our clients, and our community on all of the things that every single person can do to make a difference. That might mean cutting back on plastic use, or buying more reusable products. It might mean adapting a philosophy of cleaning minimalism, and buying only products that work for what you need. Or it could mean using concentrated cleaning solutions, or water-based cleaners.

All of the little details add up – and they’re mind-blowing!

Join In the Effort to Protect the Planet

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to devote our blog and social media channels to talking about these important environmental issues.

In this short mini-series, we’re going to go deep on the changes, big and small, that we can all make to help our environment and our oceans, and ultimately help save wildlife.

We’ll talk all about the steps Sweeping Dimensions is taking to make a difference, and shine a light on how you can bring green philosophies and practices into your home.

So, thanks in advance for following along! Be sure to check back in a few days for the next post in this series! And for next time, think about this: When you’re cleaning your home or office, what can you do to be more sustainable and create less waste?

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