Six Fun Ways to Keep Kids’ Toys Organized

  • Organizing kids' toys

You hear a rumbling. The room starts to shake. And then – an avalanche!

But this isn’t coming from nature. No, instead, you’re seeing a different kind of disaster – the overflowing toy chest!

Whether the kids are home for the summer or back at school, every parent knows how hard it can be to get a handle on children’s’ toys. They seem to just pop up all over the house, in places where you least expect them!

Having toys scattered all over the place can make your whole home feel cluttered, and make it harder to do everyday cleaning like dusting or vacuuming. Even worse, having mountains of toys everywhere can actually cause other problems. For instance:

  • Toys left out gather dust, dirt, and other allergens
  • They can be health hazards, as they get exposed to more germs from the air, dirty hands, or even a nosy pet
  • Small toys left around the house can cause parents and kids to trip and fall, or worse – suffer the dreaded “Lego to the foot”

So what’s a parent to do? If your traditional ideas for organizing kids’ toys just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore, here are five fun, chic, and innovative ways you might want to try for keeping those toys and games out of sight:

1.) Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe-holder, complete with lots of pockets, is a great way to keep toys out of the way – making it easier to vacuum, and cutting down the risk that you’ll hurt your feet! Instead of storing Jimmy Choos, you can use these hanging organizers to store Barbies, action figures, or other bulky toys.

2.) Use Clear Boxes

A clear plastic box (with a sealable lid) is a great way to store all the little bits and pieces that can go anywhere. And you can also create and organize these however you’d like! Maybe you could organize building blocks by color, or separate out different kinds of game pieces. From there, these are easy to stack, store, and reuse.

3.) Double Duty: Use a Bench With Storage

Whether in the living room or a kid’s bedroom, using a storage bench is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you can create a sitting, reading, and play area. On the other, hidden storage lets your kids stash away books, games, or toys in a flash when it’s time to clean up.

4.) Add Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket is a great way to store toys! You can install these all throughout a kid’s bedroom, with different baskets reserved for books, stuffed animals, toy trucks, or so on! These can be as unique and diverse as you’d like, so don’t be afraid to be creative! Maybe build a hanging swing or hammock for stuffed animals? Or make use of old wicker baskets or flower holders for toys and games?

5.) Hang Up What You Can

There are all sorts of ways to get toys off the ground and up onto the walls, where they’re out of the way – and can make for a great statement piece of decor! For instance, you can hang up stuffed animals using just a strand of rope and a few clothespins. Or for metal cars, a magnetic “knife holder” can be put to use. Just mount it on the wall and start sticking those cars up! Old board games taking up space? Hanging up the game board is a great way to add a piece of decoration while freeing up that much-needed storage space.

6.) Max Out Your Play Area

Really think of all of the ways that you can incorporate more storage into your children’s play area. There may be all sorts of methods you’re missing – and some pretty inspiring, unique ideas you could come up with! For instance, is it possible to swap out chairs with storage cubes? Or add organizing baskets that can store neatly beneath a table? Maybe you could build or look for a playset with tons of built-in storage options? There are lots of options out there, and lots of chances to find what really works for you!

Finding What Works for You

Of course, everyone’s journey to a clean, functional home is going to be different! It’s important to find what really works for you. If you have some organizing methods you’d like to share, be sure to join our growing community on Facebook to keep the conversation going!

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