How to Clean Your Houseplants

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Houseplants can add a lovely pop of green to your home’s decor. And, even more importantly, bringing a little bit of nature inside can help purify your air!

And making sure that your air is crisp, fresh, and breathable is more important than you might think. In fact, did you know that the air inside of your home may be up to five times as polluted as the air outside, according to the EPA? So that’s the bad news. The good news is that certain kinds of plants may be able to clean up to 90% of the toxins out of the air in just a day or two.

Now, with that said, it’s important to take care of the plants that help take care of you! With plants, you sort of get the best of both worlds. They need to be fed and watered like pets or members of the family; at the same time, you have to keep them clean and tidy, just like a sofa or a kitchen counter.

It’s that last part that a lot of people overlook! While giving your plants lots of water, light, or plant-food is important, it’s only half of the story! In fact, letting your plants sit and get dusty or dirty could actually cause the photosynthesis process to slow down, making it harder for your houseplant to get the nutrients it needs. Similarly, the more you let a plant go on its own, the more likely it will be to get rotted, or be attacked by pests or disease.

So, what can you do to keep your houseplants clean and happy – and keep your rooms looking spotless? Here are three ways you can clean your indoor plants:

Dust the Leaves

Add your plants to your regular dusting rotation! Just don’t forget that different types of plants are going to have different needs.

For instance, dry, bristly plants, like some succulents, should only ever be dry-dusted. You can use a toothbrush, a soft-bristled paintbrush, a microfiber cloth, or maybe even a pipe cleaner to help remove dust and debris.

For plants with shiny leaves, you should be able to use a moist cloth. Just gently wipe both sides of the leaf, being sure to give it support so it doesn’t bend or break.

For cacti or other spiky plants that you can’t get too close to, try using compressed air. The same devices that you can use to shoot air and clean a computer keyboard or camera can also help remove dust from your cactus; just use short bursts to avoid damaging the plant.

Houseplant on display

Give the Plants a Bath

For some plants, a bath or shower might be just what the doctor ordered.

In particular, this is a good method for large plants, where wiping down each and every leaf might take a while. Before rinsing down a plant, be sure that you do a little research about what makes your breed unique. Some plants cannot hold up to any amount of water; for others, adjusting the temperature too high or too low could be dangerous. It’s important to know what works for your plant!

If yours can stand up to bathing – and many green, shiny houseplants can – simply move several plants to the bathtub or shower, and mist them with a fine spray, using lukewarm water. Depending on the size of the plant, you could also gather some lukewarm water in the tub or sink, then turn the plant upside down and swish it around for a beat or two.

Either way, washing your plants is a great way to make sure that you get every leaf, and also help eliminate bugs and rot before they can settle in. Be sure to let the plants dry off before putting them back in place; you may want to blot off any excessively wet spots with a paper or bamboo towel.

Prune Dying Leaves

In addition to regular dusting, be sure to make sure that pruning and trimming are on your regular agenda. Get rid of leaves that are visibly dead or dying. You can tell which to focus on because they’ll have turned brown or yellow, and will easily pull apart from the rest of the plant.

You’ll also want to pick up any leaves that have fallen onto the soil, or to the floor around your pot. Every so often, you may also wish to clean the pot itself. For simple dust or grime, a wipedown with a damp cloth might be enough. If you’re ever tempted to do a deep clean with a bleach or vinegar solution, be sure to remove the plant before you tackle the pot, to help keep it safe.

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