Six Stress-Free Cleaning Tips for New Parents

  • Cleaning tips for new parents

Bringing home a newborn baby can be one of the most magical and important events in a new parent’s life. But it’s also a day that comes with plenty of challenges.

Will you – and your home – be ready?

As your family grows, you’re naturally going to want to spend as much time as possible bonding with your little one. At the same time that you’re bringing a newborn home, you’ll probably have plenty of friends and family dropping by to help, all while adjusting your schedule, trying to tackle your growing chore list, and, of course, get some sleep in whenever you can.

Whether this is your first child or your fiftieth, there’s a lot to do. Cleaning can easily fall by the wayside – but it doesn’t have to!

Here are six huge steps that new parents can take to help make sure their home is clean and ready to go – for themselves, their visitors, and their precious new family member:

1.) Focus on Getting One Task Done Per Day

When you have a newborn, the new addition to your family is naturally going to take up a lot of your time, energy, and focus! But for many people – especially all of us perfectionists out there – the desire to cook, and clean, and make sure that everything is spotless might still get overwhelming. And this just leads to more stress.

Instead of taking on too much at once, be realistic and set manageable goals. Above all, remind yourself that it’s okay not to have everything done all at once. There are only so many hours in the day, and your beautiful baby is going to take up a lot of them!

Instead of trying to tackle everything right away, set an achievable timeline. Find a few minutes to knock off one major task per day, and before you know it, everything will be right as rain.

2.) Sanitize Baby Toys

Newborns are deeply inquisitive and curious. When they get a new toy, or even just something to hold for the first time, they love to explore it. Of course, they don’t do it the way we do. Instead, babies love to play and experiment by using their mouths and noses.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure that your baby’s new toys are always clean, sanitary, and ready to go. Many baby toys can be cleaned in a variety of different ways. Some plastic and rubber toys are dishwasher-safe, for example. Other cloth toys can be washed in the washing machine, with a gentle detergent (more on that in a minute!). Always look at the manufacturer’s instructions before you choose a cleaning method.

For toys that may not be dishwasher safe, you can disinfect them with a highly diluted bleach solution (think 1 tablespoon of bleach to a gallon or more of water), or hand wash them with dish soap and water. Remember to regularly clean your baby’s toys, even the ones that look clean – you never know what germs might be sticking around.

3.) Provide a Clean, Well-Ventilated Bedroom

As you get ready to welcome your new little guy or gal to the world, be sure to think about their sleeping area or nursery. The room where your baby’s crib is located is going to be a very important spot, and it’s key to make sure it’s ready!
In particular, focus on getting this space clean and well-ventilated. Our homes can be full of irritants and toxins, which can be harmful to babies. Taking a few steps can help everyone in the house breathe more easily – and can help cut down the chances of you or your child getting sick!

  • Clean vents. A lot of nasty stuff gathers on vents. Be sure to clean them off and let clean air circulate throughout the whole house.
  • Plants can help purfiy air. Many household plants, include aloe vera, spider plants, and more, can help clean the air inside your home. In fact, some of these plants can clean up to 90 percent of the toxins out of your indoor air, all in less than 24 hours.
  • No dust or grime on hidden areas. Dust and germs love to hide in far out-of-the-way spots, only to get churned up and cause all sorts of problems. Take care of baby, and yourself, by having someone clean those hard-to-reach spots, like the tops of cabinets, corners, ceiling fans, and more.  

4.) Wash Baby Clothes With a Gentle Detergent

Babies are so small… Can doing their laundry really become a major time-suck? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Having a strategy to safely and quickly clean baby clothes can help give you back more time to spend cuddling your cutie.

One big thing to remember is that you should always wash baby clothes before helping a little one wear them for the first time. It’s also important to find a detergent that will work for your baby! Look for a gentle, kid-safe liquid detergent. After your baby first wears clothes washed in any new detergent, take a look for any irritation on their skin, to make sure it’s safe to keep using.

5.) Try Using Automated Cleaning Solutions

Here’s something to add to your baby shower wish list, which you might not have thought of – an automatic vacuum!
Automated “robot” vacuum cleaners, such as a Roomba, can be a huge help for new moms and dads. With one or two of these patrolling your home, you can rest assured that your floors are being cleaned continuously. This gives you back time for the more important things you could be doing – like snapping another cute pic of your family!

Besides vacuuming, think of some other spots in your home where you can use some automated help. These days, there are automatic shower cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, gutter blockers, self-cleaning litter boxes… The list goes on!

6.) Enlist the Help of Others

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Bringing a new baby home is a lot of hard work. There will be plenty of people you can and should bring in to help out.

Beyond friends and family – who you can put to work cooking, cleaning, or running errands around the house – there are all sorts of professional services you can hire to help make this transition easier.

For example, more and more grocery stores, including Whole Foods, offer grocery delivery. That can save you plenty of time – not to mention a trip to the store! There are also inexpensive, accessible services for laundry pick-up and drop-off (including Tide Dry Cleaners and Rinse), meal delivery, handymen service, and more. Don’t hesitate to bring in the big guns!
And, speaking of which, don’t forget that…

Sweeping Dimensions Can Help!

Bringing on a professional cleaning service might just be one of the most important steps you can take to get your home ready for a newborn – and keep it up and running as you tend to your new bundle of joy.

Being a new parent is one of the toughest jobs there is. Bringing on help can make the transition easier. You’ll get back peace of mind and be able to take better care of yourself and your newborn, all while making sure that your cleaning and organizing to-do list gets done!

Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service is here and ready to help new moms and dads all across Chicagoland! Here at SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful!
We’ll give you back time for the most important things in life, all while making sure that your home is cleaned to the highest standards.

With a professionally trained and uniformed staff, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products. We also offer flexible time windows, perfect for busy parents.

Want to trade tips and tricks with other parents and cleaning aficionados? Join our community and keep the conversation going on Facebook! Ready to call in the pros, and cross “cleaning” off of your to-do list? Get in touch today for your free estimate!

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