How to Clean Brand New Surfaces

  • How to clean brand new surfaces

After weeks of planning, you’ve finally finished that renovation. The contractors peel back the tarp, a cleaning crew does the all-important final pass to make sure everything’s good to go, and then… Then, finally, you get to enjoy the newest piece of your home!

But not so fast! Now that you’ve done the upgrades… Do you know what it takes to keep everything looking spotless, without causing any lasting damage?

In Chicago, new construction homes and renovation projects alike tend to focus on a few things. Kitchens are huge focus areas, as are bathrooms. And these spaces are unique, because they’re often outfitted with some of the most important surfaces in your entire home.

Think about it! Most people tend to start and end their day at their bathroom vanity, for instance. And in the kitchen? Your countertops and island are where countless families not only prep and cook their food, but also serve it up.

These surfaces really matter – especially when they’re new. To get as much life and use as possible out of your household surfaces, it’s important to treat them the right way. Just go in blindly, and you could actually cause serious damage, which could mar your brand new addition for years to come.

So, we thought we’d help get you started on the right foot! Whether you’re upgrading your current place or moving into a new one, when your surfaces are new, what should you use?

1.) Porous Stone – Granite, Marble, Cement

Stone countertops, floors, and backsplashes can add an amazing finish to a kitchen or bathroom. Stone is striking, and it’s been used for hundreds of years to convey style, strength, and smart design.

So, how do you keep it clean?

Some of the most popular types of stone to put in a home – including granite, marble, and cement – are porous. This means that they are particularly susceptible to etching and staining, even if they’ve already been finished with a nice polish.

When cleaning these porous stone surfaces, be sure to avoid cleaners that are highly acidic, such as vinegar or lemon juice. You’ll also want to avoid using bleach. All of these chemicals can cause etching to form in your beautiful stonework – and no one wants that!

The same goes for wiry brushes and scrubbers. These heavy duty cleaning tools can scratch up your gorgeous new surface! Instead, you’ll want to use a gentle cleaning tool, such as a microfiber cloth (or microfiber mop for floors). Use this ridged, super-clingy cloth to remove dust without worrying about harming your new surface; you’ll also want to use these cloths to immediately blot any spills, before they get the chance to settle and cause a serious stain.

When it is time to do some cleaning and sanitizing, stick with a little bit of mild detergent or soap, and water. That’s it! Generally, a sudsy wipedown with a gentle cleaner is enough to keep these porous stone surfaces looking and feeling clean. Be sure to read the ingredient list of your cleaning solution before use, to make sure it’s pH neutral – that means free of anything acidic or harmful to your stone.

One other thing to consider? Every so often, you may want to seal your marble or granite surfaces. This is an added layer of protection that helps prevent staining. You can reseal your porous stone with a commercial sealant every few weeks or months to help give you a fighting chance against stains.

2.) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can add a sleek, functional finish to your home. Whether you make it a major part of your decor, or just add a few key elements here and there, this gorgeous metallic surface is popular for a reason. It’s stylish and practical, all at the same time!

But stainless steel can also be a little bit of a magnet for fingerprints and smudges, making cleaning it a top priority. You’ve just got to make sure you clean it the right way!

With stainless steel, many people are tempted to go at it with full-force, often with something rough and abrasive. It’s metal, after all; it needs something powerful to get it clean, right? Wrong!

Do not attempt to clean stainless steel appliances or surfaces with steel wool or stiff, abrasive scrubber pads. Similarly, avoid using cleaning products that are too harsh, such as chloride-based cleaners or heavy duty degreasers.

Instead, be gentle with your stainless steel! In terms of tools, a microfiber cloth is generally all you need. Wipe in the direction of the grain with your dry cloth to help remove smudges and dust from the surface. When using a cleaning solution, go gentle. Think a little bit of detergent, or perhaps even a small amount of diluted vinegar and mineral oil.

When going store-bought, look for products marked specifically for stainless steel. No matter what your method is, be sure to test it on out-of-the-way spot that’s hard to see, just in case it causes damage. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this shiny surface!

Keeping Your Home Looking Spotless

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