Bamboo Towels Vs. Paper Towels

  • Using bamboo towels in the kitchen

“Oh, just grab a paper towel!”

This is an easy refrain to fall into, especially when you do lots of tasks around the house. Paper towels are handy, and they can help with all sorts of DIY jobs, from mopping up spills to helping wipe down surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom.

But, for a lot of us, there’s a major guilt trip that can come with tearing off a new paper towel. Going through a lot of these towels can feel wasteful, especially since a used paper towel can’t be recycled.

But is there another, greener option for households that go through roll after roll of paper towels?

What if there was a cleaning product that offered all of the convenience and ease of a paper towel, with a lot less of the waste? That’s where bamboo towels come in!

Bamboo Towels: How Do They Work?

If you have a bit of a “paper towel habit,” going bamboo may be just the thing for you!

Made out of bamboo fibers, these handy sheets come in rolls that look and feel just like a normal paper towel roll. They can even fit on your standard paper towel holder. When you need a towel, just rip off a bamboo sheet, the same way you would a paper towel. Easy, perforated tear lines make it simple to grab just one towel at a time.

But here’s where things get really good! Instead of using your bamboo towel and tossing it in the trash, you can reuse one sheet again and again!

For one thing, each individual towel is sturdier and more absorbent than a traditional paper towel, meaning that you can get more use out of one piece. In fact, you may be able to use just one bamboo towel for days at a time (let’s see a normal paper towel try to do that).  

Even better, you can actually wash and reuse each bamboo towel up to 100 times, either washing by hand or in the washing machine. You read that right! More than 100 uses per towel!

Going Green With Bamboo Towels

Think about what a huge difference it would make to be able to wash and reuse your “‘paper” towels – both for the environment, and for your wallet!

First things first? Going reusable could really help you do your part in saving the planet.

According to Apartment Therapy, paper towels generate 3000 tons of waste every single day, which also requires more than 50,000 trees to be cut down to keep up the supply. The Paperless Project estimates that, if every household in the US used just three fewer rolls of paper towels per year, we could prevent more than 120,000 tons of waste from entering landfills.

With bamboo paper towels, you can massively cut back on the number of paper towels that you buy. In fact, research suggests that one roll of reusable bamboo towels is equal to 286 rolls of conventional paper towels. That’s a huge impact, with just one purchase!

And think about the personal savings, as well! One $10 roll of bamboo paper towels can help you tackle jobs around the house for months and months at a time. That means many fewer trips to the grocery store to stock up on paper towel rolls for $2-3 apiece. Over time, that could amount to a pretty significant chunk of change.

Bamboo Paper Towels: The Down and Dirty

So, interested in swapping out your paper towels for reusable bamboo? Here are our final thoughts:

  • Cost: Bamboo “paper” towels are more of an investment upfront, with a single roll costing more than a single roll of traditional paper towels. But, if you make the most of your reusable towels, you will most likely save money over time.
  • Brands: Want to get started with bamboo towels? The name brand in the growing field is definitely Bambooee – which was featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank! There are also options available from retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and Simply Good Stuff.
  • Worth It: There may be some jobs where you still prefer to use conventional paper towels. And it may take a bit of time to figure out how to get washing and storing your bamboo towels into your household routine. But their durability, versatility, and sustainability definitely make bamboo towels worth a look!

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

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