The Importance of Professional Cleaning After a Home Renovation

  • A newly cleaned space, fresh from a home renovation

From tackling a kitchen remodel, to adding a bathroom, to redoing a bedroom, there’s nothing like a renovation project to totally transform your home.

Whether a big project or small, a renovation can add a ton of value to your property, while giving you new space to enjoy for years to come.

But major renovation projects aren’t without their own share of hassles! As anyone who’s updated their living space will tell you, there are always construction setbacks, last minute choices… and a post-construction mess that has to be tackled.

That’s why hiring a professional cleaning crew is such an important part of the renovation process! For just a small fee, this crew will be able to go through and finish the job, making sure that your room is clean, comfortable, and ready for you to live in.

What kinds of things can a cleaning service help you with? Before you can settle in and really start enjoying your newly renovated space, remember that there is a lot of cleaning that may have to get done, including…

1.) Getting rid of the construction crew’s leftovers

After a renovation project, even the most thorough crew is bound to leave a little bit of a mess behind. Before you can enjoy your renovation project, it’s important to get rid of whatever the construction left behind, including dust, plastic, paint chips, tape, old cans and brushes, boot prints, full trash and recycling bins, and more.

2.) Cleaning floors

You’d be surprised just how much dust and debris can get everywhere, even after a minor renovation project. That’s one of the reasons why a good cleaning is so important!

A professional cleaning crew will be able to thoroughly clean your floors, no matter what type of finish you’ve got, from stone to hardwood. They’ll also come equipped with a vacuum that allows them to completely clean dust particles out of the carpet or any rugs. With the right vacuum attachments, you can also use this tool to clean dust out of any curtains, pillows, or cushions, as well.

3.) Wiping down surfaces

Remember, it’s not only your floors that will get covered in dust and debris after a renovation project. No matter how conscientious your construction crew is about laying down plastic and tarps, there are bound to be a few spots that need attention.

A professional cleaning service will bring an eye for details and the right tools for the job, and can help you wipe down all of your hard surfaces, including walls, countertops, molding, cabinets, baseboards, and, crucially, windows.

At the same time, professionals can more easily address those hard-to-reach spots that are a hassle for homeowners, like high corners, lofty window frames, the tops of cabinets, and interior shelving.

4.) Cleaning air vents and filters

After a big renovation project, dust and debris get everywhere. Over time, these particles mix with the air, and find their way into your HVAC systems. From there, it’s easy for these annoying allergens to clog your vents and air filters.

Worse, your heating and AC vents can spread dust and debris to other parts of your home, causing a mess and making it harder to breathe.

Before all of this dust gets a chance to spread to the rest of your living area, you can get proactive! During and after a renovation project, your cleaning team can focus on your air vents and filters, making sure that they are clean and dust-free.

5.) Taking care of fixtures, furniture, and appliances

When it comes to making your room feel fully livable after a renovation project, the little things can make a big difference! Your professional cleaning service can help deal with all of the small but important spots that are easy to overlook, like:

  • Furniture legs
  • Light switches and outlet covers
  • Light fixtures and lamp shades
  • Electronics
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling fans
  • Appliances
  • Door knobs and handles

A professional cleaning service will know which spots need the most attention, and can help wipe down and sanitize each area with care. That way, your space is fully ready for you to enjoy when the time is right!

Looking for Help?

After taking on everything involved in a renovation project, you deserve to relax, and let someone else take on the big job of clean-up. That’s where Sweeping Dimensions comes in!

Looking for a cleaning service to assist you get things going again after a home renovation project? Sweeping Dimensions is ready to help!

Over the last 14 years, property managers, homeowners, and contractors across the Chicago area have come to expect the very best from our professionally trained teams. And we aim to be the best, at all times – both in the quality of service we provide, and in the professionalism we bring to every single job site.

SDCS is bonded and insured, and our uniformed teams are trained to the highest standards for efficiency and professionalism. We offer flexible time windows, and we can bring all of the equipment necessary needed  to clean your space – including HEPA air filter vacuums, microfiber color-coded cleaning cloths, static free-treated dust cloths, and a focus on green, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Curious about our cleaning philosophy? Ready to start your free initial consultation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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