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One of the many reasons why we’re proud to call Chicago home? The Windy City is one of the biggest cities in the world – and has a collection of skyscrapers to match!

Fun fact time! Did you know Chicago is home to more than 120 buildings that clock in at more than 150 stories apiece? That ranks Chicago seventh in terms of total number of skyscrapers, behind only a few megacities like Hong Kong, New York, and Dubai.

The tall, striking buildings that make up Chicago’s skyline are world-famous, and make for a great place to call home.

A high rise building in Chicago

In fact, thousands and thousands of Chicagoans live in apartments and condos, including everything from adorable three-story buildings to towering high-rises. And many of these lucky people get to experience one of the great perks of “vertical” living – a private balcony.

It’s All About the Balcony

What could be better at the end of a long day then sitting outside, taking in the stunning views of the city as they glow under a Midwestern sunset? Or watching the sun rise with a warm cup of coffee in your hand? Sounds like heaven!

Of course, as anyone who’s lived in an apartment or condo with a balcony will tell you, there’s one part of having your own outdoor space that can become frustrating – keeping it clean. No matter how hard you try, doesn’t it seem like dust and debris always seem to find a way to cling to your balcony – especially to the glass surfaces on your sliding door and railing?

To make matters worse, it can be hard to clean your balcony. For instance, just running a hose over everything can result in a cascade of water pouring down – resulting in one angry downstairs neighbor!

And at the same time, cleaning a balcony can be scary, and even dangerous. When you live even a few stories up, making a mistake when cleaning your balcony windows could lead to serious harm, and maybe even prove fatal. A slip and fall or a reach too far could be disastrous. (No wonder more than 23 million people have acrophobia, a fear of heights!)

One way to keep your balcony clean – and protect yourself and your loved ones – is to equip yourself with the right tools! Having the right supplies in your cleaning arsenal can make whipping your balcony into shape easier than ever. Even better, you’ll be taking steps to make sure you stay grounded and safe, no matter how high up you are!

So, what should you use to clean your balcony? Here are a few ideas:

1.) Duster With an Extension Pole

Extendable dusters are handy to have around the house. They make it easier to reach up to high areas, and stretch out your reach without having to get on a ladder. Use this tool to help wipe down the hard-to-reach spots on your glass windows and doors, or to knock down cobwebs stuck to the corners of your balcony area.

If you do ever have to use a step-ladder, inside or out? Make sure you always have a spotter. The buddy system can go a long way toward keeping you safe!

Sweeping Dimensions team members use the buddy system on a balcony

2.) Canister Vacuum With Long-Reach Attachment

A canister vacuum is another powerful cleaning tool, one you’ll use all over the house – especially if you have the right attachments! For your balcony, a long-reach attachment is a great addition to your vacuuming arsenal. This extension will help you you remove dust bunnies and cobwebs from high or hard-to-reach spots, without having to overreach and risk a fall.

Another advantage of using a vacuum outside? When you use a broom, you risk knocking down dust and debris, which can cause a few problems. On the one hand, sweeping up dust and pollen might trigger your allergies – which could be dangerous, as well as uncomfortable. Plus, using a broom to push all of the debris over the sides of your balcony might just result in a deluge onto the street (or on that same poor downstairs neighbor).

Better to be safe than sorry – and use a long-reach vacuum!

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3.) Microfiber Mop With Long-Reach Pole

Microfiber is great for cleaning just about every room of the house, including your balcony. It can help you capture dust, wipe down your floors, go over glass and metallic surfaces, and more!

A microfiber mop is a great piece of equipment to have on hand, and it will help you a lot on your balcony. This is especially true if you have a microfiber mop with a long-reach or extendable pole. With this tool, you’ll be able to get to those hard-to-reach corners, without having to overextend or get too close to the edge.

Looking for Help? Sweeping Dimensions Is Here!

Here at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful for tenants and property managers across Chicago!

What does that mean? Well, you name it, and we’ll do it – especially those chores you don’t want to take on. From dusting blinds, to cleaning windows, to making sure that your balcony and patio are spotless, our teams are professionally cleaned to tackle every job, with attention to detail, care, and professionalism.

From heavy duty cleaning to light housekeeping, we’ll do it all! We offer flexible time windows, and all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, with a focus on green, environmentally sound cleaning products.

Have any more questions? Ready to make the most of your spotless balcony? Reach out today for your free estimate! Property managers – don’t forget to ask us about our multi-unit deals, post-construction service, short term rental cleanings, and more!

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