Don’t Throw Out Your Dryer Sheets! Use Them For These DIY Cleaning Tasks

  • Cleaning cooking pan with dryer sheet

The average American does two to three loads of laundry a week. That means a lot of time spent waiting for the washer or dryer to buzz. It also means creating a lot of waste.

After all, while doing the laundry is a great way to keep your clothes and bedding clean, this process also uses a lot of water and detergent – not to mention dryer sheets.

It’s easy to take dryer sheets for granted, or to lose track of how many you’re using at a time. After all, these little slips are designed to be tossed in with your load in order to get rid of static and help soften your garments. They’re easy to forget, even if you appreciate what they do for your clothes.

But what if there were other ways to get value out of your dryer sheets? What if you could put your fresh or used dryer sheets to work in other places in your home? Turns out, you totally can!

Your dryer sheets don’t just have to be for laundry anymore! Here are five ways to use dryer sheets to save money, reduce waste, and help tackle your cleaning needs:

1.) Scrub Pots and Pans

Notice some particularly stubborn food stuck to your favorite pot or pan? A dryer sheet can help make sure your cooking equipment is clean and ready to use.

Simply place a non-woven dryer sheet at the bottom of the pot or pan, then fill it with hot water and wait. Over the course of a few hours, the silicone coating of the dryer sheet will help soften the stuck-on residue; then, you can simply use the dryer sheet to wipe up what remains. Be sure to finish the job with hot water and dishwashing liquid, so your pan is fully clean and safe enough to eat off!

2.) Clear Away Pet Hair

Pets are amazing to have around – until you’re the one who has to clean up all of their hair and dander! Pet hair and fur can get everywhere. Fortunately, a dryer sheet can help make tackling loose hair a breeze.

Using a new or used dryer sheet, simply rub the surface where you’d like to help loosen and lift away pet hair. You may also want to follow up with a lint roller or brush to get any stragglers that get left behind.

3.) Clean Your Electronics

As anyone who has ever tried to clean a computer or TV screen can tell you, it’s a trickier job than you might think! It’s easy to push dust around without actually getting rid of it, and it’s always scary to think that you may actually damage your precious appliance.

Dryer sheets are one way to help get a clean, sparklingly clear screen, without having to worry. Using a completely dry dryer sheet, gently wipe the surface of your TV or computer monitor. The silicone on the dryer sheet can help lift off dust without creating too much static cling.

Dryer sheets are also great for dusting your other electronics, such as computer towers, DVD players, or modems.

4.) Get Rid of Nasty Odors

There are plenty of places around your house where nasty smells can linger. You might not notice them until you open up an out-of-the-way closet or drawer – or until you have a guest over, who somehow spots the stink right away.

In any case, dryer sheets can help you get proactive about eliminating odors all throughout your house. Think of them as a handy, all-purpose deodorizer – no aerosol “air fresheners” required!

For example, you can stuff dryer sheets into stinky shoes, to help “eat away” their funky odor. You may also want to leave a dryer sheet at the bottom of your trash bin, before you add a liner. This is a secret way to help keep your can smelling fresher, for longer. You can also tuck a dryer sheet into your luggage or gym bags before you put them away; this is a great way to stop these bags from getting musty over time.

5.) Polish Chrome

You can put your dryer sheets to work buffing up plenty of spotty surfaces in your home. They’re great for putting a finishing polish on chrome fixtures, such as the faucets or towel bars in your bathroom. In a pinch, you can also use dryer sheets to remove the smudges from glass surfaces; you can even use them to dust your window blinds, ceiling fans, and other trouble spots.

Have you found any alternative uses for dryer sheets? We’d love to hear all about your handy cleaning solutions over on Facebook!

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