How to Clean Your Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures

  • Cleaning indoor and outdoor light fixtures

“Let there be light!”

Have you ever walked into a room and flicked on the light switch, only to be greeted by a dim glow, instead of the bright, warm lighting you wanted?

In many cases, this means that your lighting fixtures are in need of a good, deep cleaning!

Lighting fixtures love to gather dust, grime, and debris – sometimes even dead bugs (yuck!). But a lot of people don’t make it a point to clean these important spots regularly. This is understandable! Cleaning your lighting fixtures can seem intimidating.

Once you get started, though, cleaning these out-of-the-way spots is easier than you might think! And it might have a huge impact on your household. In fact, did you know that dirty lights are 30% less effective than clean ones? That means they’re giving you less light, and wasting more energy!

If you ever find yourself frustrated by dirty light fixtures, we’re here to shed some light on the situation! From chandeliers to porch lights, here are some handy tips for cleaning your light fixtures with minimum effort – and maximum shine!

Some Notes About Safety

Whenever you clean a lighting fixture, it’s important to take some commonsense steps to protect yourself!

For one thing, always make sure that you turn off or unplug a fixture before trying to clean it. If you’re doing a deep clean all day, you may even want to turn off your circuit breaker at its source, as an extra safety precaution. And make sure that no one will come in and flick on a light fixture while you’re in the middle of working on it!

Next, always make sure that you wait for light bulbs to cool down before touching them. Even more modern, energy efficient bulbs can get hot in a hurry!

Finally, whenever you’re spraying chemicals or dealing with dust, you may wish to wear goggles, to help protect your eyes from irritation.

Now that we’ve got safety out of the way, let’s talk shop! Here are some strategies you can use to clean your indoor and outdoor light fixtures, such as your…

Light Bulbs

Over time, light bulbs can develop a thin film of dust and grime, making them shine less brightly. To clean your light bulbs, gently remove them from their sockets, then wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth. We almost always recommend using microfiber cloths, to help capture more dust!


Your chandelier is a statement. But if it’s covered in dust, what kind of message is it sending to your houseguests?

Using a stepstool and/or an extended-reach brush, you should take care to dust your chandelier regularly – making sure to be very cautious around any delicate pieces.

If the chandelier is a manageable size, you may also want to deep clean it occasionally. To do so, remove the chandelier from the ceiling and set it down in a safe place. Using a mild cleaner, such as a solution of dish soap and water, carefully wipe down each crystal, and then allow them to dry before reassembling your chandelier and hanging it back up.

Pro tip: If you’re ever worried about not knowing how to take apart a chandelier or any other light fixture (or put it back together once you’re done cleaning it), take lots of pictures before doing any work. This way, you have a visual guide you can refer back to later.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures can be a great way to add character to a room. And cleaning them can be a great way to make a space feel lighter, brighter, and more inviting.

To clean your ceiling fixtures, gently remove them from the ceiling (you may need to break out a toolkit to complete this step). Be careful if you’re using a stepladder! If any bits of debris, dust, or creepy crawlies fall to the floor, you might want to clean them up quickly, using a vacuum or wet mop.

Once you’ve got it down, there are lots of ways to clean the fixture. You might simply wash it in the sink with soap and water, or wipe it down by hand using a clean cloth and a vinegar solution. While the casing is drying, you may want to take the time to hand-wipe the light bulbs.

Pendant Lights and Recessed Lights

Pendant lights and recessed lights should both be a regular part of your cleaning regimen!

Hanging down from the ceiling, pendant lights are usually in homes to add a sharp-looking accent over a kitchen island or breakfast bar. More often than not, these lights will be in arm’s reach, making them a little easier to clean than some of your other lighting fixtures.

After you’ve turned off all of the lights and allowed the bulbs to cool (or removed them for cleaning), you can wipe down the fixture using your favorite cleaning spray and a clean microfiber cloth. Then, you can use a dry cloth to dust the extension rods or support cables.

For recessed light fixtures, you might be able to use a long-handled, extendable duster to reach into the recess, and gently knock down or capture dust, cobwebs, and grime. If you don’t have a duster, or you’d rather get up close and personal, you can also wipe down the insides of the lighting units with a microfiber cloth.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

In most cases, your outdoor light fixtures can be cleaned just as you would an indoor unit. It might take a little more work, however. After all, think about all of the environmental factors that might cause nasty stuff to build up on your glass fixtures over time!

With that said, if you have a detachable outdoor fixture, such as a dome light, you will probably be able to detach it from the ceiling or wall, then wash it with warm water and dish soap.

For glass fixtures that might be particularly difficult (or impossible) to remove, you can add a little sparkle by wiping down the glass panes with your favorite cleaning solution. Remember to also gently wipe down the bulb itself, using a clean, dry cloth.

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