How a Clean Office Can Help You Recruit Better Employees

  • Clean office makes for better hires

To help your business be the very best it can be, you need to have the right talent on your team.

And believe it or not, one of the very best ways to help bring amazing new workers into the fold… is to have a clean, tidy workplace!

Don’t believe us? Here are three huge ways that a clean office can help you attract and hire the very best candidates:

Make a Great First Impression

Your workplace is your calling card. It’s the “face” you show new clients, important guests, and, yes, even the new recruits or job candidates you may end up wanting to hire!

Whether you’re having a huge meeting or bringing in job candidates for an interview, it’s important that your office is set up to make a great first impression, from the very first moment that your visitors walk in.

After all, don’t you want your business to be seen in the very best light possible? You want to communicate to the world – including your next employees – that your business is professional, well-run, and able to get the job done the right way! A clean, organized office can help you put your best foot forward, no matter who you’re meeting.

Get Job Candidates Who Are On Your Level

Having a clean office sets a tone, a standard – and it helps to show your prospective employees what you’re all about!

This is an important consideration, which many people end up overlooking! Your first meeting with potential employees may not be the same as speed dating, but when it comes to getting work done down the line, compatibility really does matter.

It’s important to have a talent pool that understands your mission, your goals, and what makes your business so unique. The sooner you’re able to get on the same page, the easier it will be to make sure that your new employees get up to speed, and start producing for your company! A clean office helps everyone, including job candidates, understand just what you’re all about.

Plus, the more impressive your office – the more impressive the candidates you’ll be able to recruit! Having a clean, organized office will elevate your brand, and help your business stand out with the right candidates, for the right reasons.

Think about it: How much better will your sparklingly clean office look, compared to a competitor’s disorganized workspace? Which business would you rather work for?

Help New Recruits Ease Into Their “Second Home”

Many employees are coming to think of their workplace as a “second home.” Don’t you want them to feel like your office is a place they would like to spend their time? A clean space may be just what it takes to help new recruits and job candidates get excited about coming to work, and do their very best for your company.

Even better? Countless studies show that cleaner offices produce healthier, happier, and more productive employees… So why not get started making your new hires feel welcome as soon as possible?!

So, What Goes Into an Office Cleaning?

You know your office – and what your employees need – better than anyone. So, while there are certainly routine steps we can take to clean an office, we can also be flexible, and adjust our cleaning regimen to your specifications.

When it comes to your workplace – whether that’s an office, a medical facility, or a school campus – the little details matter a whole lot! We’ll make every effort to understand your office’s unique wants and needs, so that nothing ever gets ignored or left to chance!

Depending on your wishlist, the Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service team can assist your workplace with:

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning common areas, including kitchens and boardrooms
  • Taking out trash and recycling
  • Cleaning elevators

…and much more!

About Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service

Office and property managers across the Chicago area have come to expect the very best from our teams. And we aim to be the best, at all times – both in the quality of service we provide, and in the professionalism we bring to every job site.

SDCS is bonded and insured, and our uniformed teams are trained to the highest standards for efficiency and professionalism. We offer flexible time windows, and we can bring all of the equipment necessary needed for any job – including HEPA air filter vacuums, microfiber color-coded cleaning cloths, static free-treated dust cloths, and a focus on green, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At SDCS, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful – and help make sure that your office is ready to help you welcome your next superstar employee!  

Have any questions? Want to reach out for your free initial consultation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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