5 Ways a Clean Office Can Improve Productivity

  • Clean office can increase productivity

Here at Sweeping Dimensions cleaning service, we truly believe that a clean workplace allows you to be your most productive! And we’re not alone in thinking this. In fact, science is on our side!

Over the years, there have been all sorts of projects and experiments that all say the same thing: The tidier your workplace, the better your company will perform.

Here are five proven ways that a cleaner office can help boost your organization’s productivity:

1.) Keep Employees Healthy

No one likes getting sick – and the more time that your employees spend out of the office, the less work they’re able to do for your company! With that being said, did you know that the average employee loses nine working days every single year due to sickness?

In some cases, employees may be getting sick due to hygiene issues in your office! After all, a typical office keyboard can hold up to 7500 bacteria at once. Even worse, viruses like the flu can hang around on surfaces like work desks or computer equipment for days at a time.

For the sake of your employees – and your productivity – it’s time to fight back against the germs, bacteria, and viruses that can make people sick. Remember, a cleaner office means a healthier workforce – which means more people reporting to work and getting things done on time.

2.) Reduce Stress Levels

In many cases, people spend more waking hours at work than they do at home. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that common areas in your office are always neat, tidy, and welcoming for your work “family.”

A cleaner office can mean happier employees – which can mean more work getting done!

Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between cleanliness and mental health. For example, research suggests that people living or working in more cluttered environments have higher levels of stress hormones. While a little bit of stress is a motivator, too much stress can definitely decrease a person’s productivity.

Bottom line? A cleaner, more organized office can help lift everyone’s spirits and boost morale, keeping your team happy, healthy, and ready to work.

3.) Increase Focus and Commitment

A cluttered work environment can lead to more stress – but did you also know that it can lead to less focus and dedication? It’s true!

A groundbreaking study from Harvard University shows that there is a direct line between a clean work environment and a willingness to do difficult tasks. The study gathered a random sample of undergraduates and split them into two groups. One group sat at workspaces that were perfectly tidy, and the other went to work environments full of trash and clutter.

After spending time at these workspaces, the students were taken to a whole new room, and asked to work on an impossible puzzle. Amazingly, the students who first sat in the tidy workstations worked for nearly twice as long to solve the puzzle, compared to those who sat at dirty stations.

So, overall, the study showed that an untidy environment may actually take a toll on a person’s mental resources, affecting their productivity. On the other hand, a cleaner space will encourage people to work harder, for longer. Hey, if it works for Harvard scientists, it will probably work for you, too!

4.) Cut Down on Wasted Time

Have you ever been in the middle of an important phone call, only to lose precious minutes of focus because you had to root around for a pen and paper? Have you ever wasted an entire morning at work, searching closets and stock rooms for the one file you needed to get a project done?

A little bit of disorganization can lead to a whole lot of wasted time. And you know the old saying – “time is money!”

A messy office environment can slow everyone down, and may even lead to costly mistakes. On the other hand, an orderly, clean work environment can allow everyone to focus on the task at hand. This increases productivity, and profitability, over time. In fact, one study showed that untidy workplaces may lose up to $2.5 million a year from lost productivity – all due to searching for documents or files!

5.) Showcase Your Professionalism

Remember, your office is directly tied to who you are as a business. In many cases, this space is the first stop that potential clients will make when they come to you looking for service. A clean office will allow you to make a great first impression, and help secure future business!

And the benefits of a tidy office don’t stop there! Your office is a reflection of your company’s values. The more polished and professional you make it, the more you can expect your employees to adopt the right attitude to match.

In short? When everyone is on the same page, everyone can work toward the same goal. And that all starts with making sure the workplace feels just right.

That’s Where Sweeping Dimensions Comes In!

Here at Sweeping Dimensions Cleaning Service, we understand what it means to be true professionals. Our teams have the skills, experience, and dedication it takes to make your commercial or office space truly shine.

We always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful for business owners and property managers!

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