Want to Clean Your Windows and Not *Clear* What to Do?

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“I don’t know of anything that can transform living spaces so well. You don’t know what you’re missing until you do the windows.”

That’s what Brent Weingard, a professional window cleaner in New York City, told This Old House for a recent article.

And we think he hits the nail on the head! There’s nothing like cleaning your windows to make your whole home feel lighter, brighter, and more inviting.

Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done! Window screens, blinds, and sills are like magnets for irritating dust and allergens, and they can be tricky to clean.

At the same time, a lot of the cleaning techniques and tricks that you may have been told to use on your windows are really just myths. For example, paper towels tend to just push grime around, and a lot of expensive chemical “window cleaning solutions” can leave ugly streaks.

So, what’s the best way to make sure your windows are clean – and ready to let the light in? Here’s what to do…

Start By Dusting

As we mentioned earlier, your windows make up the barrier between the inside of your home and the great outdoors. This makes them the perfect gathering place for dust and dirt.

With that in mind, start by dusting your window frame, sill, screen, and blinds with a dry microfiber cloth. Going over these areas with a dry, clean cloth will help you trap a ton of dust, and make the rest of your cleaning tasks easier.

Be sure to use a dry dust cloth; using a damp cloth can result in a big mess, as you smear dust all over the place without getting rid of any of it!

After you’ve gotten the obvious dust…

Clean the Screens

If you’re intimidated by the thought of cleaning your window screens, you’re not alone. In fact, many homeowners don’t even realize that they can clean their window screens – or what a difference it can make once they do!

To clean your screens, combine a little bit of a mild detergent (such as Dawn dish soap, one of our favorite eco-friendly products) with water. Then, use a microfiber towel to apply the solution and wipe down your screens. If you used a little too much water, you can dab your screen dry with a clean towel.

Nervous about puncturing your window screens? You can always pop them out and take them down before you clean them! This will also allow you to reach every part of the screen more easily. Be sure to let them dry before you put them back into place.

Get the Window Ledges and Frames

“How dirty could my window frame possibly be,” you might ask?

The answer? Well… Try cleaning this area, and then see for yourself!

Window frames, sills, and ledges are areas that a lot of people tend to take for granted – meaning that they don’t get wiped down as often as they should. It’s time to fix that!

Using a clean microfiber towel (not the same one you used on your screens), use a little bit of fresh water and your favorite all-purpose soap to clean your window frames, window sills, and window ledges.

If you have particularly tall windows, you may need to break out a ladder to reach the very tops of your window frames (grime just loves to hang out in these hard to reach spots). Remember that you’ll make things easier on yourself if you clean from top to bottom. When you work this way, you’ll be able to catch any debris or drips that fall while you’re working.

Now, it’s time to…

Polish the Windows

A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about the best way to clean glass. We believe that the very best tool for the job is a squeegee!

Apply a natural window cleaner (maybe one full of your favorite essential oils) to the glass of your window, then use a squeegee to wipe the area clean. Be sure to work from top to bottom, and dry your squeegee every so often.

Once you’re done, be sure to use a clean, dry cloth to dry any noticeable drips or collect any cleaning solution that might have pooled at the bottom of your window panes.

So, your glass is clean! Now it’s time to…

Clean Your Blinds

In many ways, this can be the toughest part when it comes to cleaning windows.

Your best bet? Close the blinds, and then gently wipe down the slats with a fresh mixture of water and dish soap and a trusty microfiber towel! Be sure not to put too much pressure on your blinds, as you may cause them to come tumbling down. And remember, a microfiber towel is essential, since it won’t scratch any of your precious, surfaces and will allow you to use minimal water to do the job.

And that’s just about it! With these basic steps, you’ll be able to clean all of the windows in your home in no time… and enjoy all of the sunshine that can come through a spotless window!

Looking for Help?

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