What Goes Into Property Maintenance?

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At Sweeping Dimensions, we have earned a stellar reputation for our ability to immediately turn around vacant apartments, make common areas look immaculate, and provide superior customer service to our clients at all times.

We work with property managers for buildings of all sizes, and the managers who work with us have come expect the very best from our teams.

Sometimes, we’re afraid that we almost make it look a little too easy. The truth is that a lot of care and attention goes into maintaining apartment buildings and other complexes around Chicago!

That’s why it’s worth digging into a big question: What goes into property maintenance for a building in Chicago?

The Cleaning

First and foremost, let’s look at the many steps that go into making sure your property is always ready to make an incredible first impression for first time visitors – and welcome your current tenants back to a sparklingly clean building!

Your Sweeping Dimensions team will:

Clean spills and pick up debris:
We’ll get the small stuff, no matter how trivial it may seem. We know that a tiny piece of paper can drive a resident or property manager crazy if left out too long, so we’ll be sure to get it all.

Clean the “hard to reach” spots:
We’ll get the tops of the cabinets in the employee kitchen, the tops of mailboxes used by residents, and other spots that can be easy to overlook.

We’ll vacuum all entrance rugs, as well as carpeting throughout the building’s hallways, on a regular basis.

Clean the leasing/management office:
Why should the tenants get all the attention? We’ll make sure your workplace is spotless, making sure to take care with any items left on desks. We’ll handle everything, from taking out trash to disinfecting phones.

Clean the door person’s station:
We’ll make sure this desk or workstation looks great, and we’ll take care with items such as security camera equipment, computer monitors, and walkie-talkies/radios.

Clean community areas:
We’ll thoroughly clean your building’s common areas, such as computer rooms, billiard rooms, lounges, party rooms, and movie theaters – even taking care to get all of that popcorn out from between seats in the theater room! We’ll also clean any community kitchen areas, including commercial ovens, grills, and fridges. We can also handle party rooms and community bathrooms, especially during parties given by residents or the property, such as broker events.

Clean the elevators:
Fingerprints and debris can drive anyone crazy, so we know that cleaning and polishing all elevators is a big deal. We’ll take care to treat your elevators right, making sure that you get the right level of shine with no streaks.

The Care:

We go above and beyond for our property managers, at every step of the way. Our professionally trained teams will take care of your facility with a focus on:

Efficiency & productivity:
Our cleaning team will always be working on making the entire property (no matter the size) look amazing throughout the day. Sometimes, a team may clean an area multiple times depending on traffic, use, and inclement weather.

We know that our cleaning teams must always look their best and act in accordance with the property’s standards.

Positive attitude:
While we’re cleaning, we know that we also represent the property. We believe that residents living within the property should feel like the cleaning teams can be approached. In fact, a good many times we’re invited to clean a resident’s home, just on the merit that they felt comfortable meeting our team in a hallway or common area!

Quality products:
Our equipment and supply program includes the latest technology: HEPA air filter vacuums, microfiber color-coded cleaning cloths, static free-treated dust cloths, and a collection of green and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Bottom line? We’re here for you! At Sweeping Dimensions, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful.

Building managers: Are you ready to see what Sweeping Dimensions can do for you? Drop us a line today to set up your free consultation!

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