What Goes Into an Office Cleaning?

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Over the years, studies have shown that cleaner offices hold happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Fighting back against the germs and bacteria that make people sick could help your office gain nine days of productivity per year – and potentially save you millions of dollars along the way.

And yet, despite this, many offices don’t invest in a clean, organized workspace! We’re here to help set your office on the right track to a more productive, lucrative future.

What Goes Into an Office Cleaning?

Many offices simply designate an employee to take out the trash, and trust each worker to keep their desk clean. If this sounds familar, you may be wondering: “what exactly goes into a professional office cleaning?” Well, a lot of that is actually up to you!

You know your office – and what your employees need – better than anyone. So, while there are certainly routine steps we can take to clean an office, we can also be flexible, and adjust our cleaning regimen to your specifications.

For example, we know that your work areas are incredibly important and sensitive. Some organizations want cleaners to sanitize phones and computer equipment – others don’t want anything on top of desks to be touched. Sometimes, office managers may want whiteboards to be cleaned and sanitized – other times, it may be vital that whiteboards get left alone.

What Sets Sweeping Dimensions Apart?

We know that all of those little details matter, and we’ll make every effort to understand your office’s unique wants and needs, so that nothing ever gets ignored or left to chance!

Your workplace is your home away from home – and we know that it’s important that we treat it with care, attention to detail, and respect at all times.

Office and property managers across the Chicago area have come to expect the very best from our teams. And we aim to be the best, at all times – both in the quality of service we provide, and in the professionalism we bring to every job site.

Depending on your office’s unique needs, we offer cleaning services including…


We’ll vacuum entrance rugs and carpeting throughout your entire space.

Cleaning common areas

Employee lounges, boardrooms, event spaces, media rooms – we’ll make sure they’re all spotless, to your specifications. We’ll also clean any community kitchen areas, including commercial ovens, grills, and fridges (don’t worry, we won’t throw anything away without asking – we know how attached people get to their lunches!)

Taking out the trash

We can clear the trash and recycling from community areas and around work stations (if you wish) – taking extreme care to make sure that we don’t accidentally displace anything important.

Cleaning elevators

We can make sure that the elevators in your workplace are clean and welcoming, free of shine and distracting smudges or fingerprints.

Sanitizing chair legs and small appliances

Dust on your TV or intercom? Grime on certain chair legs in the employee dining area? We’ll follow your directions to the letter, and make sure we get all of the little annoyances and hard-to-reach spots you want cleaned.

We know that discretion and respect are key, and our teams will go above and beyond to make sure that your directions are followed, and your office looks immaculate.

We’re bonded and insured, and our uniformed teams are trained to the highest standards for efficiency and professionalism. We offer flexible time windows, and we can bring all of the equipment necessary needed for any job – including HEPA air filter vacuums, microfiber color-coded cleaning cloths, static free-treated dust cloths, and a focus on green, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At Sweeping Dimensions, we always make a sweeping effort to make life less stressful – and help make sure that your office is performing at its very best!

Have any questions? Want to reach out for your free initial consultation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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