Your Guide to Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Areas

  • woman vacuuming a hard to reach spot under a couch

The “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy may work for some things, but it definitely doesn’t apply to keeping your home clean.

In fact, a lot of the spots in your home that are hardest to see and reach can actually be some of the dirtiest places around!

But here’s the good news: It is definitely possible to clean those hard-to-reach problem spots. Here’s what you can do to clean five common hard-to-reach spots that may be giving you trouble:

1.) Behind and Under Major Appliances and Furniture

Your major appliances and large furniture pieces can help keep a lot of dirt, dust, and debris out of sight. But sometimes, you need to go the extra mile and tackle whatever’s lurking beneath them.

While you don’t need to move your furniture every time you vacuum or sweep, you should have a schedule in place to address those hard-to-reach spots at least once every few weeks. When it’s time to clean, have a partner help you move the furniture item, so you can vacuum, sweep, and/or mop the area.

As for those intimidating appliances? In general, the same advice still applies.

For a refrigerator, for example, be sure to unplug the unit, and then carefully remove it from the wall or nook. You may also need to turn off any water flowing to your refrigerator’s water dispenser or ice maker, as well.

Once you’ve gently gotten the fridge out of position, clean the exposed floors, the walls, and the sides of the appliance, using a combination of water and a good eco-friendly cleaning solution.

To get all the dust that may have gathered around your refrigerator’s coils, unsnap the grate, and use a coil brush or other long-handled tool, along with a water-based cleaning agent, to get rid of the dirt. You can use this same process to help clean around your oven, as well – just be sure that it’s unplugged, and that you’ve taken care to completely turn off the gas supply!

2.) Behind Toilet

The little space behind your toilet can be a breeding ground for nasty germs and ugly grime. To make matters worse, it’s also one of the hardest spots in your whole house to clean, since there’s usually no room to maneuver a mop or other cleaning tool in this small gap!

Your best bet, like it or not, may be to get on your hands and knees so you can access this out-of-reach spot more easily. You may also need to use a little elbow grease!

First, use a dry brush to sweep away dust and debris, like loose hairs. You may also consider using a hand-vacuum to suck up debris, if you can make it work in these cramped quarters. After you’ve done a pass with a dry brush, use a wet sponge or brush and a combination of water and your favorite eco-friendly disinfectant to wipe down the area, including the back side of the toilet. Finally, be sure to dry the area with a soft cloth or paper towel.

3.) Ceiling Fans

While it may be tempting to build a human pyramid, cheerleader style, to get up to your ceiling fans, there are definitely safer ways you can keep these dust-traps clean!

For one simpler method, try using a microfiber duster with an extendable handle, which should let you keep your feet on solid ground. Remember, microfiber is always the right choice when you’re trying to capture the most dust and dirt possible! This material has the groves to pick up dust and other small particles much better than a regular cloth.

If you do have to use a ladder, always try to have a spotter with you to help out. This person can brace the ladder, and possibly catch you if you should slip and fall. Remember, no amount of dust is worth damaging your body!

4.) Corners

Cobwebs and dust love to lurk in your hard-to-reach corners, especially up near your ceiling and around your molding.

You can use a long-handled duster, dry mop, or broom to reach up into these out-of-the-way spaces, and brush off the dirt and debris. From there, you may use a vacuum or broom to clean the floors and get rid of anything you knocked down from the high corner. You may also want to use a microfiber dust cloth to go over your crown molding, to make sure you grab all of the dust particles.

A good rule of thumb is to always clean a room from the top down! That means, start with high places (like your corners, ceiling fans, and cabinets), and then turn your attention to your floors, so you can capture any debris that may be dislodged.

5.) Top of Cabinets and Appliances

When was the last time you took a look at the top of your cabinets or tall appliances, like your refrigerator? If it’s been a while, you may be surprised at the amount of dust and debris that can gather in these out-of-the-way spots.

This may be another time to break out that duster with the extendable handle. Make sure your tool has a pivoting top, so that it can lay flat on your surfaces and capture all that dirt!

If one tool won’t do the job, you may have to use a sturdy step-stool to reach your cabinet tops. Again, it’s never a bad idea to have a friend or partner nearby to offer support!

When you can safely reach the tops of your cabinets or appliances, wipe them down with a soft cloth and a combination of water and your favorite eco-friendly cleaning solution, such as dishwashing liquid. Be sure to wipe the area dry with a clean cloth, to avoid the chance of letting mold or mildew grow.

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