A continuous program is offered to all employees. Our training goals are to teach and enhance knowledge and skills in the residential and cleaning industry by conducting initial job training, provide ongoing training to improve job performance and to promote employees to team leader and management positions within the company.


  • Orient new employees to their jobs
  • Teach new employees about overall operations
  • Prevent accidents and increase safety practices to improve the performance of our employees
  • Improve our employees knowledge and skills by training them to perform their assigned tasks effectively
  • Improve employee attitudes especially about waste and spoilage practices
  • Improve handling of materials in order to break service bottlenecks
  • Train employees so they can become leaders and help teach new workers in an expansion program
  • Prepare our employees for newly developed, modified job positions, and/or promotions

QuoteSweeping Dimensions came to my home on time, prepared and ready to work. They did a very thorough and detailed job. I was very satisfied with the results. - Alejandrina Montoya